Our mission is to cultivate talent and promote innovation from within Miami’s evolving film and media industry. 


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Learn valuable skills and tools through our regular programs and classes led by some of the industry's best talent.


Create and showcase your projects during monthly screenings, in the curated gallery, or in our annual interactive festival.


Create and showcase your projects during monthly screenings, in the curated gallery, or in our annual interactive festival.


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Guillermo Alfonso


Guillermo Alfonso is a film maker from Miami with a unique style of storytelling. Usually niche and quirky, Alfonso likes to take the viewer on a journey normally inaccessible. From the Yamakoshi Mountains of Japan filming koi fish to the mean streets of Nigeria filming African religions, we always get a sense of understanding and appreciation of where these stories come from through Alfonso’s lens. He is able to keep you locked in with his beautiful imagery and take on cinema, yet take you on an emotional roller coaster with the topics and casts.


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Screenwriting BootCamp

FilmGatos, are you feeling stuck? That inspiration isn't coming your way? Feel like time is passing and your screenplay is not going anywhere?

Screenwriting is a lot of solitary work, but also learning structure and receiving thoughtful and gentle, yet firm feedback. We worked closely with Adrian to expand on our usual bootcamps to six classes, realizing that in and get ready for 6 classes that will help you manifest your dreams into a reality!

You will learn practical techniques, read essential screenwriting tips, and network with a community of passionate writers.


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Film Festival

Our monthly film festival where we come to see the works of emerging filmmakers, the talented actors and the producing teams putting Florida on the map.

We celebrate FilmGate Festival every LAST WEDNESDAY of the MONTH. Every month has a different genre for your movie-loving experience. Come to network & see you there. 



​Workshop Space

  • Up to 3 video camera setup

  • Imac capable

  • High-Speed Wifi

  • Kitchen

  • Great atmosphere

  • Up to 25 seats

  • Restroom accessible

Full-Theater Space

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  • 4K Projector

  • Stage light Presentation

  • Wired & Wireless Mic ready

  • Up to 50 seats

  • High-Speed Wifi

  • High end sound system with microphones, speakers, and control panel

  • Restroom accessible

Recording Studio

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  • Podcast Ready

  • Virtual Reality Lab Ready

  • Biometric Capture Room Ready

  • Podcast/Green Room Space

  • High end sound system with microphones

  • Restroom accessible