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Catch a Glimpse of the AI Revolution in Miami During May and June

Miami's dynamic landscape is continually evolving, embracing cutting-edge technologies and pushing the boundaries of creativity. At the forefront of this evolution is the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), which is reshaping industries and redefining the way we create and experience art. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at some of the exciting AI-driven events happening in Miami, with a special focus on the screening of Aggro Dr1ft at O-Cinema with FilmGate Miami as a co-presenting partner and FilmGate Fusion's Creators x AI event at the Frost Science Museum.

Aggro Dr1ft Screening and Q&A at O-Cinema

For those craving an adrenaline-packed cinematic experience, the screening of Aggro Dr1ft at O-Cinema is not to be missed. Directed by visionary filmmaker Harmony Korine and starring Jordi Mollà and Travis Scott, the film is set against the backdrop of Miami’s criminal underbelly and revolving around a veteran hitman, the multi-layered film has been shot entirely through a thermal lens and has been likened to a video game by Korine rather than a traditional movie. “I think it’s a tool… I don’t necessarily think it’s an existential crisis. I think if you’re looking at it as a creative tool, it’s very exciting,” Korine states at a press conference.

For tickets to the opening reception, check out O-Cinema's website here.

If you've been tagging along for the ride with us here at FilmGate, you'll know we're all about the use of innovative technologies that push the realms of possibilities with narratives and story-telling. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a film aficionado, or an art lover, Miami's AI-driven events offer something for everyone. Let's celebrate innovation and creativity together in the vibrant city of Miami. FilmGate Fusion: Creators x AI

FilmGate Fusion's Creators x AI event is a groundbreaking exploration of the intersection between art and technology. Hosted by FilmGate Miami, this immersive experience brings together creators, technologists, and AI enthusiasts to showcase the transformative power of AI in the realm of art and entertainment.

Delve into the world of algorithmic audiovisual artworks like Velocity Holomatrix Warp 7, which transports you to the mysterious planetoid VHW7, shaped by magnetic, electric, and gravitational forces composed by artificial intelligence. Experience The Material of Memories, a visual journey exploring the sensation of dream vision and the ability of immersive films to evoke memories. And don't miss Introductory Econometrics, an exploratory animation offering a creative visualization of economic modeling, where graphics dance in a complex universe of data points. Learn more and get tickets here.

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