Learn valuable skills and tools through our regular programs and classes led by some of the industry's best talent. We offer a variety of educational programs that range from filmmaking to virtual reality, such as filmmaker and acting bootcamps, VR and XR courses, screenwriting, and so much more!

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MAY 28 


10AM - 2PM

Producing Indie Shorts/Features with our favorite indie producer, Tim Sparks.


This four hour master class, will cover general topics, related to line producing, script breakdowns, scheduling, budgeting, hiring crew & overseeing the entire production process.

Will illustrate industry standard software in Final Draft for script breakdown which will then feed into industry standard Movie Magic Scheduling and Budgeting.

Tim will also cover indie friendly Studio Binder.com as a scheduling option. This is an interactive workshop, answering questions or topics throughout the class.

We recommend you bring your laptops and opt in industry standard programs' , Final Draft & Movie Magic, free trail. This way you all will be able to follow along with the instructor.


1 day Masterclass 

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JUL 16 - AUG 20

Saturdays ONLY

10AM - 1PM

Find your acting voice and connect to your next project.

FilmGatos, you've asked and asked-- and you know we always deliver! Acting bootcamp is here! Take the step and get ready for your next acting project.

Memorable characters are at the crux of every successful film or television production. FilmGate wants to help YOU become that icon, from the movie screen to the theater stage.

You will learn technical and practical stage techniques, the in and outs of the acting business, and the specific tips that will get you booked. See the schedule below to learn more about the syllabus!

With instructor Daniel Capote.

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MAY 5 - JUN 9, 2022

Thursdays ONLY 

7PM - 9:30PM

FilmGatos, are you feeling like you are stuck in a rut? That inspiration isn't coming your way? Feel like time is passing?


We care for you and we've asked our amazing friend and professional writer Adrian M. Garcia to guide you through your next piece!

Everything creative is born from the pen (and/or laptop, in our modern age). Dive in and get ready for 6 classes that will help you manifest your dreams into a reality!

6 Week Workshop

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JUN 4 - JUL 9, 2022

Saturdays ONLY 

10AM - 1PM

Have you always wanted to make your own videos? Do you want to direct? Do you have a story to tell and you want to learn how to? Do you need a refresher?

Take your filmmaking skills to the next level!  This class is made up of theory and practice, as students learn the fine details of cinematography and directing from one of our community's most talented professionals.

Creating award winning short content is not easy. But it can be done and in a month, you will have the tools to do so! Whether you are a filmmaker, actor, business owner or media professional, this course will give you the ABC, of telling poignant stories, cinematically, and succinctly. Join us for our next edition of the Filmmaker Bootcamp. Breakfast is included. This workshop will teach you the steps of crafting stories with light, camera, movement and actors. Each week, we will cover a specific topic where you can learn in depth the ins and outs of the production process led by local filmmaker Freddy Rodriguez.

4 Week Workshop