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At FilmGate Miami, we're all about igniting creativity, nurturing talent, and showcasing the vibrant works and performances originating from the vibrant South Florida scene.


This event is a reimagined actor, writer and industry meetup with the mission to craft, critique, and expand works and performances, coming from South Florida. Special guests will include casting agents, filmmakers and distinguished media industry members.

Each week, we'll dive into riveting screenplay read-throughs, while welcoming industry professionals to witness the sheer brilliance and boundless talent that Miami has to offer. Prepare to be amazed!

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Do you have a script?

Submit your script, whether it be a short film, feature film, pilot, or an episode. Receive feedback on your script from our team and the chance to feature it at one of our Why the Drama? events!

Are you an actor?

Check out what on-going casting calls we have going on for Why the Drama?

Submit yourself for a specific role or sign up to be a part of our general casting email list.

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