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Yves Ubelmann

Yves Ubelmann.png

In 2013 Yves Ubelmann co-founded Iconem, a pioneering French company with a mission to digitize endangered heritage sites worldwide, ensuring their transmission to future generations. Beyond preservation, Yves Ubelmann has expanded its scope to include the development of

photorealistic 3D and 4D models curated for digital experiences and exhibitions, providing limitless opportunities to immerse the public in heritage sites and cities around the world.

Barry Threw

OIP (1)-2.jpg

Barry Threw is a versatile collaborator integrating culture and technology for impactful projects. Currently, he serves as the Executive Director of Gray Area, a San Francisco-based non-profit, utilizing creativity for social transformation. Additionally, he's a founding partner at Fabricatorz, a global technology studio for cultural projects, and provides advisory expertise to multiple institutions, corporations, and organizations.

Amelia Winger


Amelia Winger-Bearskin (MFA, University of Texas) is an artist who empowers people to leverage bleeding edge technology to effect positive change in the world. She is an Innovation Fellow at the Land Acknowledgement Lab for the U.S. Department of Arts and Culture: Honor Native Land Initiative. She founded the project Wampum.Codes which is both an award-winning podcast and ethical framework for software development based on indigenous values of co-creation.

Kent Bye


Since May 2014, Kent Bye has traveled around the world interviewing the pioneering artists, storytellers, and technologists driving the field of virtual & augmented reality. To date this effort has produced over 1200 Voices of VR podcasts. Kent is a philosopher, oral historian, & experiential journalist helping define the patterns of immersive storytelling, experiential design, & the ultimate potential of XR.


Director of Clinical and Nurse Anesthesia Program at the University of Miami School of Nursing and Health Studies. Dr. Vladinov is one of the founders of the simulation sub-committee of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists and is currently serving as the chair of the committee. She has been involved with the Society of Simulation in Healthcare and with the Anesthesia Section and has served as abstract reviewer and faculty for Professor Rounds in the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare for a number of years.

Pierre Zandrowicz

Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 2.43.06 PM.png

Pierre Zandrowicz is an innovative artist who works at the intersection of video games and film. As a director in Virtual Reality, he has gained international recognition for his work, which has been showcased at major festivals such as the Venice International Film Festival, SXSW, and Sundance. Zandrowicz splits his time between New York and Paris, where he co-founded Atlas V, a production company focusing on innovative content.

Matt Tierney

Matthew Tierney (Film Gate).png

Matt is an artist and technologist whose work spans various media and genres. His projects have been exhibited in museums, public spaces, and festivals, and collected by prominent figures in the art world. He is currently working on film, art, and AI.

Karen Vanderborght

Karen Vanderborght.jpg

Karen Vanderborght, a tech-savvy and hands-on creative director, brings her imaginative Belgian flair to Toronto. With roots in media arts, VJ/DJ-ing, and co-founding an art house cinema, Karen's journey spans Atari games to directing documentaries in Canada. Returning to her first love, she now thrives as a creative director for VR, AR, and interactive projects with clients like the United Nations. As an OCADU design and tech courses instructor and AR project grant recipient, Karen blends a vivid imagination with practical solutions, aiming to make people smile with childlike wonder through innovative storytelling.

Rony Abovitz


Rony Abovitz is the Director of Yellow Dove Aftermath, and the Founder & CEO of Sun and Thunder Studios and SynthBee, Inc. (stealth mode AI startup). Rony is also the founder of Magic Leap (technology leader in XR/spatial computing) and MAKO Surgical (acquired by Stryker), and is a 2x World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer. Rony is a University of Miami alum, former javelin thrower, and avid guitar and bass player. 

Rebecca Barkin


Rebecca Barkin is Co-founder and CEO of Lamina 1, a Layer 1 blockchain optimized for the Open Metaverse and its makers. 

Lindsay Grace


Lindsay Grace is an American academic, artist, and video game designer who teaches interactive media at the University of Miami. He is the 2019 Games for Change Vanguard Award winner and a critical game designer. 

Steve Lukas


Steve Lukas is the Director of Product Management, XR Ecosystem at Qualcomm. He is responsible for managing the technical areas of Developer Relations for Qualcomm’s Augmented Reality ecosystem.

Diliana Alexander


Diliana is an award-winning traditional and interactive storytelling producer and director. In 2012, she co-founded FilmGate Miami, a not-for-profit production studio, supporting innovative storytellers who craft independent narratives. She is also the Executive Director of the annual FilmGate Interactive, the first festival in the U.S. to solely showcase interactive and immersive stories, as well as the technology that supports them. In 2017, she co-founded the Downtown Media Center, a co-working space for media-related businesses in Miami, where she is directing/producing her first VR project, Stiltsville VR.

Dr. Judite Blanc


Dr. Judite Blanc is a trilingual assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Miami, known for founding the Holistic Families Lab. Her mission is to address cumulative stressors in marginalized families through innovative ethnographical and integrative medicine tools. With degrees from Haiti and French universities, she completed a postdoctoral fellowship at N.Y.U. and is the Principal Investigator in projects like the Haitian Well-Being Study. Author of over 70 publications, she explores the impact of chronic stress and trauma on health outcomes, particularly in mother-offspring dyads and immigrants. Recognized in the academic community, her work appears in prestigious journals and media outlets worldwide.

Joanna Popper


 Joanna Popper was the Chief Metaverse Officer at Creative Artists Agency (CAA). Based in Los Angeles, Popper led emerging technology and metaverse initiatives for the agency a nd its clients with heavy focus on AI, spatial computing, and web3.

Andy Phelps


Andy is a professor in the Film & Media Arts division of the School of Communication at American University, and as Director of the AU Game Center. He also holds a joint appointment as a Professor in the Computer Science Department in the AU College of Arts & Sciences. 

Patricia Díaz


Patricia Díaz, co-founder of New Men VR Studio, is a Miami-based visual art creator, developer, and experienced Cuban art curator. She has contributed to projects like CCambio campaign with WWF and EU, and collaborated with Museo de las Americas in Denver. Patricia created the first VR Cuban series, "Cuba, the Enchanted Island," and her VR short film "Bembé" was selected for Sundance Film Festival 2020.

Kim Grinfeder

Kim Grinfeder.png

Kim Grinfeder is a multidisciplinary media producer and designer who uses emergent technologies to communicate social and environmental issues. He completed his undergraduate degree in history and has a background in photography, design, and business. In 2003, Kim joined the Visual Journalism program at the University of Miami where he is currently an associate professor. He teaches immersive storytelling, digital media, web design, and emerging narratives. 

Dr. Yanerys León

Dr. Yanerys León.png

Dr. Yanerys León is a Research Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology of the University of Miami and Director of Applied Research and Behavioral Training at UM-NSU CARD. Dr. Leon was named the 2021 recipient of the BF Skinner Foundation Applied New Researcher award presented by Division 25 of the American Psychological Association and currently serves on the Board of Editors of the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Sanjeev Chaterjee


Sanjeev Chatterjee in a professor, non-fiction storyteller and avid mentor to emerging storytellers. His documentary work has garnered awards and accolades internationally. He is the founder of Media for Change – a Florida based non-profit that launched WITH Festival in 2023. He is a two-time Fulbright Scholar and a Fellow of the Salzburg Global Seminar.

Pablo Corral Vega


Pablo Corral Vega, an Ecuadorian photojournalist and lawyer, boasts a prolific portfolio featured in prestigious publications like National Geographic, New York Times Sunday magazine, and international editions of Geo. He founded, a network of Latin American photojournalists, and co-directs Pictures of The Year Latin America, a leading regional contest. 

Dr. Ching-Hua Chuan

Screenshot 2023-10-18 at 8.11.29 PM.png

Ching-Hua Chuan is a research associate professor of interactive media at University of Miami. She received her Ph.D. in computer science from University of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA, USA) Viterbi School of Engineering, and her B.S. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from the National Taiwan University. Dr. Chuan’s research interests include artificial intelligence, machine learning, music information retrieval and audio signal processing.

Rodolfo Pereza

Rodolfo Peraza headshot.JPG

Founder of MUD Foundation - creates Phygital (physical - digital) exhibitions and educational programs that use art and technology to inspire creativity, foster social networks, and promote a more inclusive society.

Tom Merrick


Assistant Director of VR/AR Initiatives - Tom is a seasoned educator and technology enthusiast who discovered the potential of Virtual Reality to revolutionize education as a Stanford University Distinguished Career Institute Fellow. He taught at Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab and continued as an educator with Stanford Continuing Education. Now, at the University of Miami, Tom is passionate about teaching VR and AR.

Eric Gordon


Eric Gordon, a civic media professor and Engagement Lab director at Emerson College, specializes in digital culture's impact on public life and governance. He advises governments and NGOs worldwide, emphasizing play in collaborative design. His forthcoming works include "Meaningful Inefficiencies: Civic Design in an Age of Digital Expediency" and the edited volume "Ludics: Play from Antiquity to Present."

Ilter Canberk


Inter Canberk is a Snapchat AR Product Leader

 Mitchell Kuppersmith


Meet Mitchell, a tech enthusiast with a degree in Computer Science & Cognitive Science from the University of Michigan. Specializing in Augmented Reality and Spatial Computing, he's dedicated to creating immersive experiences. Mitchell's passion extends to discussions about accessibility, AR/VR, game development, and all things tech.

Mike Knowlton

Screen Shot 2023-10-26 at 12.08.39 PM.png

Throughout a 20 - year career in digital media, Mike is a true multihypenate. He has proven experience in all phases of digital media creation from strategy to execution, design to developppement, and product management. He is currently a senior leader of Campfire, a specialized marketing agency that develops award-winning strategies and campaigns to launch new products and entertainment franchises. 

Matthew Niederhauser


The work of Matthew Niederhauser pushes the limits of emerging AI and XR technologies across a wide range of mediums. His projects have premiered at Sundance, Tribeca, Venice and IDFA DocLab. Matthew is also a co-founder of Sensorium, an experiential studio working at the forefront of immersive storytelling, and most recently became the Technical Director at Onassis ONX Studio in New York.

Brandon Powers

Brandon Powers - Ella Pennington - Headshot copy.jpg

Brandon Powers is a creative director + choreographer who creates experiences across physical and virtual space. His work focuses on capturing liveness in the digital, building interdisciplinary communities, and shifting culture towards a more embodied future. His key projects include VR saga Queerskins: ARK (Venice International Film Festival), Frankenstein AI (Sundance Film Festival), and Duet (New York Live Arts).

Aaron Santiago 


Aaron Santiago is a creative technologist and new media artist. Santiago is a former Google Daydreamer developer, and developer behind multiple award winning Blinks games, and member of Oculus Launch Pad 2020. Santiago's Installations have premiered at Venice International Film Festival, Ann Arbor Arts Center, Boston Cyberarts Gallery, and LA Design Festival. Santiago's live virtual production work has been featured at Asian Improv aRts Midwest, HERE Arts Center, Texas Tech University, and Sitges Festival 2021.

Carol Giordano

Carol Giordano .jpeg

Deputy director of the Seconde Nature and ZINC associations (Marseille), centers for artistic creation and digital culture since 2013, after five years as

European project manager at the Centre de Conservation du Livre.

Director of operations for the CHRONIQUES Biennial of Digital Imagination, he has worked on a number of international exhibitions and programmes dedicated to digital creation. 

Rafal Sokolowski


Rafal Sokolowski is an award-winning film and theatre director. His films screened around the world and are supported by Telefilm Canada, the National Film Board of Canada, the Canada and Ontario Arts Councils, and the Canadian Film Center. He is the Artistic Director of Light Pipe Productions developing and producing narrative films. His latest feature, 22 Chaser premiered in Toronto where it won the Writer’s Guild of Canada Best Feature Screenplay Award and was acclaimed one of the best Canadian films of the year.

Tiffen Baker


Tiffen, a senior executive at Xennial, is a visionary leader passionate about developing VR and AR products across diverse sectors. As Senior VP of Product Management, she collaborates with clients to realize strategic solutions, emphasizing enterprise XR training for education and workforce development. With a background in film, website production, and extensive experience in prestigious digital agencies, Tiffen excels in managing high-profile projects. A Brown University alumna with a BA in Art History, she is multilingual and an IPEC Certified ELI MP Life Coach, bringing a wealth of skills to guide successful project envisioning, development, and implementation.

Christina Lee Storm

Christina Lee Storm.png

Christina Lee Storm, Founder & CEO of ASHER XR, is an award-winning creative producer and former Director of Virtual Production at Netflix. Known for pioneering storytelling and technology integration, she drives AI and emerging tech for linear, digital, and multi-platform narratives. With a rich background at DreamWorks Animation, she led Advanced Creative Technology, producing acclaimed VR experiences and interactive projects. Beyond her creative ventures, Christina shapes the industry's future, contributing to the Television Academy and serving on the Producers Guild of America's National Board.

Jennifer Farah

Jennifer Farah.png

Jennifer Farah, Knight Foundation's Director of Arts since 2022, is a design innovator with a background in architecture and a focus on scalable, sustainable, participatory technologies. She founded SproutsIO Inc., a pioneering food tech company, and has been recognized with multiple accolades. Her career spans architecture, academia, research, and innovative energy solutions. Jennifer has also taught design and sustainability courses and given talks internationally. Her work has been featured in numerous prestigious publications such  as Bloomberg Pursuits, Wall Street Journal Magazine, Vogue, Financial Times, Elle Décor, Wired Magazine, Popular Science, NPR, Fast Company, Metropolis Magazine and GOOD Magazine.

Denise Mendez

Denise Mendez.png

Denise Mendez is a Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft Mixed Reality. She's a cross-functional systems engineer with a talent for simplifying complex systems and driving solutions. Her expertise includes architecting and deploying hardware, software, and cloud systems, with experience at Magic Leap and in telemetry business intelligence. She excels in dynamic, cross-functional roles, leveraging technical depth and deep listening skills.

James Powderly

James Powderly.png

American artist, designer and engineer whose work has focused on creating tools for graffiti artists and political activists, designing robots and augmented reality platforms, and promoting open source culture.

Doug A. Roberts

Doug Roberts.png

As President and CEO of the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science, Dr. Douglas A. Roberts merges scientific expertise with modern teaching methods to create engaging educational experiences. With over two decades in the museum field, his background includes astrophysics research and scientific outreach through institutions like the Adler Planetarium and Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. Dr. Roberts maintains an active research interest, utilizing telescopes like the Very Large Array and Hubble Space Telescope to study the Milky Way's supermassive black hole. His passion for science and public engagement remains strong.

Karen Mathews

Karen Matthews.png

Karen Rose Mathews is an Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Miami, specializing in ancient, medieval, Spanish, and Islamic art. Her research focuses on the material culture of the medieval and early modern Mediterranean, as well as the application of digital technologies in art historical education and research. She is actively involved in digital humanities, creating Augmented Reality (AR) applications for visualizing historic architecture and promoting the use of digital technologies in the classroom. She has received numerous awards and grants, including those from the University of Miami, the Graham Foundation, the Kress Foundation, and the American Research Center in Egypt. 

Lorena Lopez


Lorena Lopez Hechavarria is an interaction and immersive experience designer born in Havana, Cuba, and based out of Miami, FL. She has a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Art, and a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Miami’s Interactive Media program in the School of Communication. Her design focuses on using digital and physical interactions to fully immerse users in experiences to not only entertain, but also educate. Her goal is to use these techniques to enhance and transform the user experience of museums and other educational spaces.

Alessandra Bogi


After a master degree in anthropology, she started working in documentary production between Italy and France. Passionate about storytelling and finding new ways of bringing compelling stories to engage the audience, she specialized in interactive design at the prestigious Ecole des Gobelins and joined Lucid Realities in 2016. Since then she has accompanied the production of content driven, award-winning XR experiences such as The Enemy, Claude Monet-The Waterlilies obsession, The Little Dancer, Champollion The Egyptian, Archi VR and The Van Gogh's Palette.

Fred Volhuer

Fred Volhuer.png

Fred Volhuer is a digital entrepreneur known for co-founding Atlas V, an immersive entertainment platform fostering collaboration among creative minds. His accolades include multiple awards such as Emmy, Peabody, Golden Lion Venice Mostra, and more. He has served on Cannes Festival and Telly Award juries and delivered keynotes and participated in panels at prestigious institutions. With Atlas V, he explores new technologies, unique visuals, and immersive design to engage audiences. Additionally, Albyon, based in Paris and Lyon, bridges immersive worlds, games, exhibitions, and set designs. Astrea specializes in distributing and publishing immersive games and experiences while emphasizing storytelling through innovative technologies.

Elbert Perez

Elbert Perez Badge Photo BG.png

Elbert Perez, an innovator for over two decades in immersive technologies, led Stageverse's engineering and design, fostering avatar expression and customizable spaces. He co-founded Doghead Simulations, an immersive education platform connecting students and teachers virtually. Earlier, he was Senior VR Developer at HTC, pushing VR boundaries, and a technical producer at Microsoft, contributing to notable games and products. Elbert is an independent game developer with 20+ titles and 3 million+ downloads across various platforms.

Joel Krieger

Joel Krieger.jpeg

Joel Krieger, VP Design at Magic Leap, pioneers mixed reality and spatial computing at the forefront of technology. He's dedicated to collaboration apps for Magic Leap's ML2 device, elevating human potential through wearable tech. Previously, as Chief Creative Officer of Second Story, he bridged physical and digital realms. Joel's design leadership spans the globe and has earned him acclaim from The Webby Awards, FastCo, and more. Joel is not only a commercial design enthusiast but also a passionate Regenerative advocate, contributing to Earth Regenerators and more. He co-founded the transformative design podcast "Outside In" and holds positions on various advisory boards.

Savannah Niles

Savannah Niles

Savannah Niles, a multi-disciplinary product and design leader, boasts 9 years of experience in XR and immersive experiences. She presently leads design for VR Trust at Meta, focusing on identity, privacy, integrity, youth, and families for the Quest platform. Her prior roles included leading product experience and design at Magnopus, simplifying AR and Metaverse experience creation for studios and brands. Savannah also served as the Director of Interaction Design and Product Experience at Magic Leap, contributing to the launch of Magic Leap 1. She holds a Master's from the MIT Media Lab, designed experiences for Walt Disney Imagineering and Twitter, and sits on the board at Filmgate Miami. She's a SIGGRAPH juror and keynote speaker for various XR industry events. Based in LA and Miami.

DJ Davids

DJ David.png

DJ Davids is a seasoned copywriter and creative strategist with Cannes Lions 30 Under 30 recognition. He's VP of a Gen-Z Marketing Firm and an advocate for LGBT+ mental health. His creative excellence has won prestigious awards, including 2 Gold Clios and Young Glory USA First Place. DJ's pivotal contributions secured major pitches for brands like Nike, Maserati, and Pepsi. He continues to excel in the marketing and creative industry, leaving a substantial impact.

Carlos Fueyo


Carlos Fueyo is the Creative Director of Playard Studio, a Miami-based production studio, with 15+ years of experience in films, commercials, and game cinematics. Originally from Spain, he moved to the US at 15, graduating in Architecture from Florida International University. With a background in art and design, he worked on major films in Los Angeles, such as Avengers and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Combining his passion for architecture and film, Carlos is currently the Creative Director and Head of the Virtual Art Department at EYELINE STUDIOS, pioneering new technologies and processes in filmmaking.

Mauricio Ferrazza

Mauricio Ferrazza_Headshot1.jpg

Mauricio Ferrazza, a seasoned animation expert with 25+ years in film and TV production, holds a B.A. in Advertising and Marketing and an M.F.A. in Computer Animation. Specializing in dynamics and particle simulation, he applies physics principles to create lifelike motion and natural phenomena. In 2009, he established MIA ANIMATION, introducing the MIA Animation Conference & Festival for networking, education, and talent development. In 2015, Ferrazza founded the Miami Animation and Gaming International Complex (MAGIC) at Miami Dade College, a pioneering facility supporting animation and gaming industries. MAGIC earned recognition and awards, including the Siemens-Aspen Community College STEM Award and inclusion in the Aspen Institute's "Excellence & Equity in STEM Programs" guide in 2023.

Giselle Ricur


Dr. Giselle Ricur, ophthalmologist and digital health specialist, leads Bascom Palmer's virtual care initiatives. With expertise in telemedicine hybrid models, she focuses on leveraging cutting-edge technologies for optimal patient outcomes. Her extensive medical and informatics background, including a Ph.D. candidacy and executive master's degree, shapes her innovative approach. Recognized for founding teleophthalmology programs and international chapters, Dr. Ricur is an ATA Fellow and a sought-after lecturer in Latin America.

Douglas Fajardo


Douglas Fajardo, CEO/CXO at Xennial (VR/AR), founded the company in 2018, his third startup. With a career spanning IBM to leading projects for global giants like Tiffany & Company, Apple, and Sony, he's an expert in converging creativity and technology. His accolades include being named "International Entrepreneur of the Year" by the Vice-President of Guatemala in 2019. As an Executive Member of the Singularity University Miami Chapter, Douglas focuses on transforming training and learning in enterprise and academic organizations through Xennial.

Karen Vanderbourght

karen V.jpeg

Karen Vanderbourght is an XR creative, focusing on immersive technologies, AR, VR, 360 video and humane design. My work encompasses creative direction, experience design, production management, training and consultancy.

Dr. Stacey Long-Genovese


Dr. Stacey Long-Genovese is Global Head of Education at Snap and a customer education evangelist, helping to build a world with more AR creators and developers. Within her role, she is endlessly curious about finding new and exciting ways to teach AR developers of all ages, and is most excited to see how AR will shape learning in the classroom, the workplace and beyond. For the past 20 years, she’s worked in the fields of public policy, health innovation, higher education and technology, at some of the largest U.S. businesses including Amazon, AWS and Stanford University. Stacey holds a Ph.D. in Education Policy and Evaluation from Arizona State University and a Master’s in Public Administration.

Grace Lee

1_Grace Lee.jpg

Director, Dept. of Content & Cultural Technology

Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA)

Grace is an award-winning film producer, she joined Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) in 2022 as director of the Content, Culture and Technology department. Before Grace joins TAICCA, she has been working in the XR field since 2018. Including co-producing VR content internationally, and programming XR section for Kaohsiung Film Festival.

Wen-Yee Hsieh

2_Wen-Yee Hsieh.jpg

Director of "Limbotopia in Dome" and "Limbotopia in VR"

A young artist from Taiwan who poses questions about the relationship between visual art, architecture, and life itself. Fascinated by supernatural beings, his works reflect social phenomena and the mystery of life. Hsieh’s VR debut LIMBOTOPIA in VR was nominated by Tribeca Film Festival for Immersive New Voices competition in 2022, and won the Best VR Prize in Anifilm in the Czech Republic. 
His latest VR work LIMBOPHOBIA is selected by NewImages Festival XR Market and premiered in Kaohsiung Film Festival in 2023.

Ping-Sheng Wu

3_Ping-Sheng Wu.jpeg

Creator of "Folding Harmonies"

His works take on a variety of forms such as computer music, experimental sound, and audio-visual performances, along with new media installations. Selected for festival and biennial exhibitions, he was invited by Taiwan Sound Lab for a project at IRCAM in France and a residency at EMPAC, New York. He’s also been part of the C-LAB CREATORS project and Triangle Arts NYC residency, with his works having been featured in numerous group shows, performances, and festivals throughout Asia, Europe, and North America.

Ning Tsai

4_Ning Tsai.jpg

Creator of "Monologue: Whisper"

An artistic practitioner and designer, holds a master of science in Architecture and is interested in interdisciplinary exploration. Working across digital fabrication, interactive installation, spatial projection, and experimental sound art. Focus on the research of human action, reconstruction of marginal subjects’ identity, existence, and existential perception.

Fish Wang

5_Fish Wang.jpg

Director of "Red Tail"

Born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1971, Fish Wang is a graduate of the Arts & Crafts Department of Fu-Hsin Trade and Arts School. He has been involved in animation and comics for more than 20 years, working in an animation company as a layout composer and art designer. His animated short, Gold Fish, has won the Best Animated Short at the 2019 Golden Horse Awards. He has also recently ventured into VR with Red Tail, an adaptation of his same-named comic story, and was selected for the 2022 Venice Immersive Competition.

Ellen Kuo

6_Ellen Kuo.jpg

International Contact of "All That Remains" and "Over the Rainbow"

Ellen Kuo works with Riverbed Theatre to market and promote its VR360 experiences, All That Remains and Over the Rainbow. Ellen is a renowned XR expert, curator, and producer, specializing in XR content marketing. Ellen has created a niche for herself by combining her passion for innovation with her ability to find new ways of connecting people. Her expertise lies in selecting, developing, and showcasing impactful and innovative XR content.

Walt Chuang

7_Walt Chuang.jpg

Co-Founder of ARTOGO

ARTOGO's co-founder and Growth Lead, experienced in user growth. brand marketing, and Web 3 research. Amassing over 350 online exhibitions with 4 million global views in two years.

Ethan Cheng

8_Ethan Cheng.png

Founder & CEO of BEARVFX Co., Ltd.

Founder Ethan Cheng, with dual master's from NTU EiMBA and CS, is an ex-Hollywood VFX Group DGM and team leader in virtual human with patents in AR/VR and software. He's spearheaded multinational projects and led diverse AI, gaming, and 3D art teams, aiming to innovate consumer markets with new metaverse tech and business models.

Ami Wu

9_Ami Wu.jpg

Head of Interactive Dept., Moonshine Studio

Ami Wu has over 10 years of professional experience in the Entertainment Industry, focusing primarily on the growing sector of New Media, which includes a blend between Interactive, Multimedia, XR, and Gaming fields. Her experience began early from studying Multimedia during undergrad, then continuing onwards to receive her Masters Degree in New Media Art from the National Taiwan University of Art. Immediately after entering the working world, Ami was quickly cast into overseas projects through companies based in Taiwan, now at Moonshine Animation, where she is currently the Head of the Interactive Department. In addition to her managerial responsibilities within the company, Ami also serves as a Producer for their team’s individual projects.

Han-Yu Feng

10_Han-Yu Feng.png

Art Director of NAXS FUTURE

Han Yu Feng is a new media artist, designer and music producer based in Taiwan, who published a number of experimental art projects under the pseudonym "Software2050". As the co-founder and director of NAXS FUTURE (formerly known as NAXS CORP), he explores the connection between ritualism and contemporary technological society, employing gaming as a method to create theatricality and performative experiences within the virtual world. The studio has consistently pushed the boundaries of artistic expression, delivering a diverse array of experimental artworks encompassing VR immersive theater, audio-visual performances, and groundbreaking multiplayer online experiences. Their innovative creations have garnered acclaim and have been prominently showcased at esteemed events such as the ARS ELECTRONICA festival, Rewire festival, Unsound festival, LEV festival, CTM festival, and more. Notably, NAXS FUTURE has collaborated with distinguished clients including NETFLIX, HTC, HOR Berlin, and fashion designer SHAOYEN, among others.

Jeanne Marchalot

20230518 photo corpo.jpg

Head of the France TV StoryLab

Jeanne Marchalot has been working over 25 years in production and post-production business, mostly on TV Series and Dramas, in Paris, France. She has studied TV series, drama and feature narrative language. She has also created professional trainings on TV series writing and showrunning, and taught the e-economy at the University.

She has joined France Télévisions in 2018 in order to create the VFX and postproduction studio of the soap “Chronicles of the sun”. Since July 2020, she has been the manager of the StoryLab, the France Télévisions unit of immersive VR contents & experiences

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