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Get ready for an exciting journey into the creation of documentary films with a purpose!

The Iberoamerican Film Festival of Miami and FilmGate Miami announce their collaboration by presenting the "Documentary Film BootCamp Focused on Social Impact". This intensive 5-day workshop will offer you a practical immersion in the creation of documentaries from the perspective of social impact.

This workshop will provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to create documentaries that make a real impact on society. You will learn from the best in the industry and have the opportunity to develop your storytelling and production skills.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to establish valuable connections with guests and personalities from the Iberoamerican Film Festival in Miami, which will allow you to expand your network in the film industry.

Please note that this course will be primarily taught in Spanish.

Date & Time

February 3rd - 7th

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

plus optional screenings


Silverspot Cinema - Downtown Miami/ FilmGate Miami



Feb 2

Optional Events

 8 PM IAFFM 2024 Festival Opening Film:

“Disparon al Pianista” (dir. Fernando Trueba & Javier Mariscal)

10 PM IAFFM 2024 Party Bretch

Feb 3

10 AM Bootcamp Introduction:

Introduction to documentary film, objectives of the workshop, presentation of  the organizations, teachers and work plan.

 2 PM Social Impact - Disability and Inclusion:

Screening and discussion of “Si Talia Fuera Ciega” (dir. Antonio Gil Aparicio)

 4 PM Social Impact - Environment and Peace: 

Screening and discussion of “Hijos del Hielo” (dir. Oscar Darío Jiménez)


Optional Events

 6 PM IAFFM 2024 The Music Doc - CD:

Screening of "The Art of Losing" (Chile) 

 8 PM IAFFM 2024 The Music Doc 2:

Screening of "The Blackout - People Live Here"

Feb 4

10 AM The Sale and Distribution from the Pre-production Stage of the Project with

Arturo Pérez:

In this 2-hour workshop, Arturo Pérez, an expert in film distribution, will teach how to plan sales and distribution from the pre-production stage. With his vast experience, Arturo will provide key strategies and practical insights for success in the international film market.

 2 PM Developing Your Documentary Themes, Research, One Pagers, Fundraising,

and Pitch with Alina Hleap & Eduardo Rencurrel: 

This two-hour documentary filmmaking bootcamp immerses you in the art of crafting compelling documentaries. Experts guide you through theme development, research skills, effective one-page summaries, and fundraising strategies. You'll learn how to successfully pitch your ideas in the documentary film industry.

 4 PM Healing Through Cinema:

'Sicklicone,' a documentary delving into health and societal concerns, aligns with World Cancer Day. The event includes film excerpts and a panel discussion featuring director Christian Ossa, protagonist Angelly Moncayo, activist Christine Handy, and surgeon Dev Vibhakar, exploring the power of cinema in driving social change.

Optional Event

 7 PM IAFFM 2024 Documentary Competition:

Screening of “El Retrato de mi Padre” (dir. Juan Ignacio Fernández Hoppe).

Feb 5

10 AM Inspirational breakfast and bootcamp with Pedro Delguy: 

Renowned filmmaker, Pedro Delguy, will introduce us to the world of documentary cinema and the importance of technical equipment. This session sets the stage for our afternoon practice with cameras, lenses, and lights.

11 AM IAFFM 2024 x SCHOOL "El Cine del Mañana - Cinema of Tomorrow": 

Screening and discussion within the Miami schools program. A conversation with  the new generation of viewers and future filmmakers, following the screening of the animated documentary feature 'Home is Somewhere Else' by Carlos Hagerman.

 2 PM Documentary Film Technical Practice with Pedro Delguy and Christian


Intensive practice in camera work, lighting, and lenses specifically for documentary filmmaking, led by Pedro Delguy of RebelCamera and Christian Ossa of Social Films International. This workshop focuses on practical exercises for creating film projects with a social theme, ensuring a strong technical and technological foundation. A unique opportunity to learn how to combine documentary storytelling with the latest in cinematography technology.


Optional Event

 7 PM IAFFM 2024 Documentary Competition:

Screening of “Bisbal, El Documental” (dir. Alexis Morante)

Feb 6

10 AM Documentary Film Technical Practice with Juan Ignacio, Juan Castañeda,

& Christian Ossa

Intensive practice in camera work, lighting, and lenses specifically for documentary filmmaking. This workshop focuses on practical exercises for creating film projects with a social theme, ensuring a strong technical and technological foundation. A unique opportunity to learn how to combine documentary storytelling with the latest in cinematography technology.

 2 PM Social Impact Documentary with Juan Carlos Castañeda:

Delve into the world of Human Pictures. Discover the essence and mission of this dynamic entity, explore their notable achievements in documentary filmmaking, and learn how you can become a full-time documentary filmmaker. The session will also cover our unique approach to storytelling, as exemplified by Igualada', a film that premiered at Sundance. 

 4 PM Documentary Direction with Juan Ignacio Fernández

Juan Ignacio Fernández Hoppe, will lead a two-hour workshop on documentary film direction. Focusing on his most recent movie, "El retrato de mi padre," which is featured in the festival, Juan will share key techniques and experiences in documentary storytelling. This workshop is an exceptional opportunity to learn from an experienced filmmaker, offering a deep insight into how to powerfully and emotively capture real-life stories, and how this particular work reflects his unique skill and approach in documentary filmmaking.


Optional Event

 7 PM IAFFM 2024 Latin Panorama:

Screening of “Somos Ecos” (dir. Julian Diaz Velosa)

Feb 7

10 AM Marketing for Cinema, Television, Home Video, DVD and VOD with Juan


A valuable educational experience for those in content production and distribution. Juan, with his extensive background in film and business management, will explore marketing strategies for cinema and TV, focusing on VOD and Home Video. This workshop is perfect for those seeking to enhance their distribution and promotion skills in the entertainment industry.

11 AM Post Production & Mentorship with Billy Corben/ Local Government


This session focuses on advanced post-production techniques, essential for bringing your film projects to life. In addition, we will explore the role of activism in local government and its impact on film distribution. This is a unique opportunity to learn how activism and politics can influence the distribution and promotion of your work, providing a platform for your voice to be heard and your film to reach a wider audience.

 2 PM "The Path of Documentary Cinema" with Santiago Maza & Pablo Mondragon

Pablo Mondragón and Santiago Maza Stern, with their respective experiences and knowledge in key areas of cinema, will offer a unique and comprehensive perspective on documentary filmmaking. This class promises to be an invaluable learning resource, combining theory and practice, for everyone interested in documentary cinema and its evolution in the contemporary context.

 4 PM Feedback & Certification

 6 PM Industry Cocktail

Meet Your Mentors

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