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Summer Filmmaker Bootcamp

FilmGate Miami returns with a reimagined summer program, for the creation of short films and podcasts.

July 24th - August 11th

& August 14th -18th (Documentaries).

Open to All Students 13-18!

Breakfast & Lunch Included


The Crash Course returns, with new comprehensive modules

Short Films

Students will learn how to write, direct, produce, and edit short narrative films! Using industry-standard equipment and casting professional actors, they will learn all aspects of filmmaking both in theory and practice. By the end of this module they will have finished film that will have been screened at our August FilmGate Festival.


The documentary module is an all-new addition to the Summer Filmmaker Bootcamp, where students will learn the power of nonfiction filmmaking and explore what makes it different from traditional narrative storytelling. Over the course of the module students will be able to work on a short documentary for Julia & Henry's.


The podcast module is an optional addition to the bootcamp, which explores one of the fastest growing mediums in entertainment. Students will learn how to write, record, and edit podcasts, along with how to launch and market them. This module will show students how to blend their creative skills with business skills.

Dedicated to our Community

At FilmGate, we dedicate ourselves to cultivating the future of filmmaking in South Florida. To that end we make sure to provide our students with instruction that prepares them to enter a diverse and ever-changing industry.


Signing up for our camp will not only ensure top-class instruction but support our mission to grow and preserve South Florida's vibrant film community.

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