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Waves and Particles

Country: Canada

Medium: Immersive Sound

Year: 2022

Creators: Mirko Vogel


Waves and Particles takes the audience on an immersive sound journey from the outer regions of space through the natural wonders of our planet to the smallest objects on earth with a never before heard 3D realism.

This singular event at the Frost Planetarium will present an entirely new perspective on immersive sound utilizing “Sound Objects” that makes it possible for the audience to experience the world of sound as a visitor to these real and imagined places with unprecedented clarity unlike any passive experience.

Utilizing specialized technologies and systems for immersive sound capture and reproduction Waves and Particles enables a greater sense of reality, minimalism, mindfulness, clarity, a feeling of presence and being in the moment.

This sound experience will invite the visitors to shut out all noise from the outside world, build a new connection between each other explore together the places they visit and abandon fear of the unknown to live in the moment.

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