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FilmGate members receive access to discounted production resources and services from local Miami retailers. They save up to 45% on camera rentals, grip & lighting, casting, catering, hotels, and everything else you need to make your film project a reality.  

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Choose your pricing plan

  • Filmmaker Yearly

    Every year
    Perfect for Filmmakers & Media Creators
    • Waived submission fees to FilmGate Fest + Interactive Fest
    • Member discount rates to our events and bootcamps
    • Access to Fiscal Sponsorship
    • Casting/Crew Call Promotion (website + social media)
    • Production Resources + Support (up to 45% discounts)
    • 30 min. Filmmaking consulation w/ co-founder Diliana A.
    • 1 Free DCP creation per year
    • In - house access to DMC filmmaking resources (loc + equip)*
    • Casting Space (2h)*
    • Access to a production meeting space*
    • *Applicable again in September 2023*
  • Producer / Business

    Every year
    Perfect for Businesses & Production Companies
    • 15 sec trailer of business at FG Festival screening
    • 3 FREE tickets for FG Fest + FG Interactive
    • Quarterly access to production meeting space
    • Access to bi- annual business council meeting
    • Discounted rates to DMC rentals
    • FREE space for 3 hour casting session
    • Complimentary Gift when joining
    • (must be an active registered SUNBIZ company)
  • Actor - Yearly

    Every year
    Perfect for Actors All-Year-Round
    • Self tape assistance + recording with professional equipment
    • 1 minute reel edit with footage
    • $5/hour recording for your reel headshot (180$ / 3 headshot)
    • Expose your reel on our website
    • Priority Selection for WTD
    • 20% on ALL workshops
    • $5 to all of FG events (not including fest)
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