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FilmGate Interactive
Media Festival #07

MIAMI – November 3, 2020 – Filmgate Interactive, a Miami-based media festival, has announced the lineup for its 7th edition. At the crossroads of visual storytelling, entertainment and new immersive technology, this one-of-a-kind international event invites all curious and tech-savvy audiences to explore the best mind-bending stories in interactive and immersive storytelling.

To better accommodate social distancing protocols, this year's hybrid edition -- running from December 4-6, 2020 -- will take place in-person and online. The most noteworthy immersive projects are coming from the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Korea, Argentina, and Brazil.

The Interactive festival kicks off with the Award Ceremony at the North Beach Bandshell and wraps up with an Interactive Day at the Sagamore Hotel Beach. The $60 pass includes immersive experiences, virtual screenings, poolside talks with NY Times' T Brand Studio, Washington Post, Vice, Magic Leap, Netflix, and closing cocktail. The program for the public at the Downtown Media Center will be free.



“As the world continues to face momentous challenges, Filmgate Miami remains firmly committed to supporting visual storytellers, creative and tech communities in the best way possible. Even though Art Basel has been canceled, Art Week Miami is going forward. We are thankful to all our partners – The Sagamore Hotel, The Rhythm Foundation and North Beach Bandshell, Mana Contemporary, the Consulate General of France in Miami, the Consulate General of Canada in Miami, who empower us to host our interactive projects, screen talks, and our award ceremony,” says Diliana Alexander, Executive Director of Filmgate Miami.

“Through our hybrid program, we want to remind that there are more opportunities to unite us than to divide us. Immersive storytelling redefines the way we conceive and share our stories to better address social injustice and empower bold, distinctive and innovative regional voices.”


Filmgate Interactive Media Festival offers an exceptional diversity of genres and formats in terms of  immersive and interactive creation -- horror, drama, fantasy, video games, documentaries, VR, AR and interactive installations. 17 innovative projects from around the world will be presented in person at the Sagamore Hotel, the Downtown Media Center and the North Beach Bandshell as well as online, on the Eventive platform. All ensure that the audience is at the center of presentation.


Congratulations to the 2020 winners:

2020 FILMGATE INTERACTIVE 7_winner cards_Republique.jpg
2020 FILMGATE INTERACTIVE 7_winner cards_Line.jpg
2020 FILMGATE INTERACTIVE 7_winner cards_Interview.jpg

Festival program:


Join FilmGate Interactive’s guests, sponsors, and crew, as they present the three Pink Kraken awards to the most innovative interactive and immersive experiences presented at the Festival. Preceded by the interactive film, République, and followed by the sounds of Miami’s rock band Bed Scene.



⫸ Screening of RÉPUBLIQUE, a multi-narrative feature film presentation, created by SIMON BOUISSON & OLIVIER DEMANGEL


⫸ Presentation of the six winners of the MIAMI MONTREAL NEW NARRATIVES LAB


⫸ Presentation of the winners of the PINK KRAKEN AWARDS


⫸ Followed by live performance by BED SCENE


Interactive Screening, open to public


11:00am - 12:30pm 

Fashion, changing dynamics of the (luxury) brand world, driven by Augmented Reality.


With Rebecca Barkin, Vice President, Brand&Platform Design, for Magic Leap

Moderated by Jess Patel, the Executive Growth and Brand Consultant for New Media, the Chief Growth Officer for HerMoney and was the Deputy Editorial Director for the NY Times' T Brand Studio.


How do luxury brands keep up with all the new technology? By adapting and embracing their new surroundings. Luxury brands have embedded themselves in everything from avatars to AirPods, and have also harnessed technology, including biometrics and XR, to provide users with the highest quality experiences before and after buying. During this poolside chat, we will discuss how technology and fashion have impacted one another, and touch on how XR has helped brands survive the pandemic.


2:00pm - 3:30pm


How VR went from above to under water in less than two years and Spaced Out Became the Most talked about VR project of 2020.

Spaced Out was called the most unusual experience at this year's Sundance Film Festival and CNET said, "unlike sex, VR is crazy better under water"


A poolside talk between our executive director, Diliana Alexander and the creator of Spaced Out, Pierre Friquet.




3:30pm - 4:30pm
Peaceful Civil Disobedience / The role of XR in changing the world

With Lilah Chica, Music Supervisor, Battlescar and Savannah Niles, principal designer, Magic Leap.


5:00 - 7:00pm

Closing Cocktail

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