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Media Festival #07



An interactive film.

The fiction unfolds through three simultaneous video feeds, each one mimicking a social media live feed.

At any time, the user can drag his finger across the screen to switch from one feed to another.

Between the panic of the moment, the comments from followers, and the occasional loss of signal, the viewer is immersed in the ow of wide-ranging sources of information that flood our perception of reality whenever such an attack occurs.


DIRECTED BY: Simon Bouisson

WRITTEN WITH: Olivier Demangel

CASTING: Noémie Merlant, Lyna Khoudri & Jean-Baptiste Lafarge

LANGUAGES: English, French

LENGTH: 40 to 75 minutes

PRODUCED BY: Cinétévé Experience & Resistance Films in coproduction with France Télévisions, with the support of Centre National du Cinéma et de l'image animée, Pictanovo, Regional Council of Hauts-de-France, City of Paris, Procirep and Angoa.





Simon Bouisson is an avant-garde director who studied at La Fémis. He made Les communes de Paris, the first work in a career dedicated to digital films and new media. This was followed by Jour de vote (2012), Stainsbeau-pays (2013), and Tokyo Reverse (2014), for which he received the Revelation Trophy from the Assemblée des Médias. His first interactive feature lm, Wei Or Die (2015), was hailed by the critics and received numerous awards (Fipa D’or 2016, Prize for the Best Trans-media work at the Liège Web Fest, Grand Jury Prize from the Swiss Web Program, Prize for Innovation at Luchon, Best Narrative at the Miami FilmGate, and the Revelation Trophy Assemblée des Médias 2016). In 2019, he won the ”Best Director” prize at Festival de la Fiction TV in La Rochelle with Stalk, a drama series.



A student of the École Normale Supérieure in Paris and La Fémis (screenwriting department), and an alumnus in modern letters, Olivier Demangel is a novelist and screenwriter. He met Simon Bouisson at La Femis and they worked together for the first time on Les communes de Paris, then on Jour de vote (2012), and Wei or Die (2015). His first novel, 111, was short-listed for the Médicis prize. His screenwriting for the cinema includes La vie en grand by Mathieu Vadepied (selected in Critics’ Week at the 2015 Festival de Cannes, Prize for the Best Screenplay at the Tübingen festival), and he co-wrote Neuf mois ferme by Albert Dupontel (César for the Best Original Screenplay). Recently, he won the Cannes Festival Grand Prix for the lm Atlantique, written with Mati Diop.





Created in quarantine by Daniel Iregui and Studio Iregular

ANTIBODIES is an interactive experience in the form of a never-ending video call. Participants only show up and do not have to say anything. Anyone can join at any time and all contributions are accepted.

The experience uses the webcam to track the face of participants and record their face gestures.

The project was commissioned by la maison de la culture ahuntsic, in Montréal (Canada), to replace an exhibition of 3 interactive installations by the same artist.

CREATED BY: Daniel Iregui & Studio Iregular

CODING: Guillaume Turgeon a& Hugo St-Onge


COORDINATION: Marilyne Lacombe

CURATOR: Liette Gauthier

PRESENTED BY: maison de la culture ahuntsic

This project is supported by the Montreal Boroughs Cultural Outreach Program as part of the “Entente sur le développement culturel de Montréal”





Daniel Iregui is a new media artist who creates interactive sculptures, spaces and architectural interventions using technology and aesthetics as tools. He creates audiovisual experiences for installations and websites. His works combine geometry, typography, light and sound with software, mathematics and algorithms, resulting to systems with infinite possibilities, making every instant of its projects unique. Iregular is a Montreal-based studio founded in 2010. Working at the intersection of art and technology, the studio approaches design using a code-driven and real-time mindset. Iregular’s work has been presented in Montreal at the Festival du Nouveau Cinema, the Highlights Festival, Nuit Blanche, Igloofest, Mutek, the International Digital Arts Biennial, C2-MTL, the Festival of the Image in Colombia, the Mapping Festival in Switzerland, the Glow Festival in The Netherlands, Mutek MX in Mexico, the Jerusalem Light Festival in Israel and Bains Numériques in France. Its projects have received more than 20 awards and honours for design, technology and creativity.




An Interview with ALEX” is a 12-minute, guided, interactive experience that engages the participant in a job interview with ALEX, a powerful artificial intelligence HR employed by a speculative tech giant called “Open Mind Corporation.” Through a science-fiction lens, the experience reveals how AI, and the gamification of work can be used as subtle tools of control in the interest of those in power.

The story happens in a future online workplace. The participant plays the role of an interviewee on their way to becoming a Level 3 Professional Mini Gamer at “Open Mind Corporation.” ALEX, the automated human resources manager guides the participant through a seemingly casual and fun interview, in which the participant plays games, reads news headlines, and gets tips from watching the current employees chat.

The experience takes an unnerving turn as ALEX starts to pressure the participant to keep playing the game, and demands them to be as open as possible when answering personal questions such as “How do you feel about your relationship with your mother.”

How does one feel on an everyday basis in a workplace of total gamification and surveillance managed by automation? This is the question I seek to explore with “An Interview with ALEX.” Other than the big picture of the future of work, the project is particularly interested in the thoughts and feelings of the individuals in an AI-managed environment.

“An Interview with ALEX” is supported by Mozilla’s 2019-2020 Creative Media Awards. The project was launched online on June 16, 2020, and has been featured on the Business Insider, Computerworld, and more.


YEAR: 2020

LENGTH: 12 Minutes


PLATFORM: The project is browser-based and can be accessed from any laptop or desktop computer.




Carrie Sijia Wang is a Chinese-born, New York-based artist and designer working in interactive experience, often utilizing a variety of methods such as coding, video editing, graphic design and live performance. She is interested in how systems, rules, and regulations affect cultures, beliefs, and rituals. The juxtaposition between the real and the fictional, the rational and the absurd is a recurring theme in her work.

Wang is a Mozilla Creative Media Award recipient and a 2019-2020 research fellow at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. She has shown her work at venues including New York Transit Museum, Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, and CultureHub.


2B1 (Russia, U.K.)


2B1 is an interactive music video that metaphorically explores the inner conflict caused by identity issues. The animation is inspired by the disconnection the author experienced while living on and off in two drastically different countries; It hints at bilingualism and culture differences between the UK and Russia.

The animation shows the everyday life of Cole - a guy literally split in between two realities. (The viewer is able to separately observe each half by switching in-between said realities).

As the story progresses it is revealed that living in two worlds isn’t easy. The two halves seem to disagree on what to do, each one interested only in their own world. They end up confronting each other head to...leg in a fight. Although victory comes at a cost of loosing the other part of themselves forever.

The viewer is the one who chooses the winner, but if they refuse to make a choice- Cole's parts fuse together and the worlds he was living in merge as well.

Cole realizes that he doesn't have to pick one part of himself, but rather can get the best of both worlds and become whole. Or, as the title implies - to be one.

PROJECT TYPE: Student, Interactive Film

RUNTIME: 3 minutes 15 seconds

MINIMUM RUNTIME: 2 minutes 55 seconds

MAXIMUM RUNTIME: 3 minutes 15 seconds

AVERAGE RUNTIME: 3 minutes 15 seconds

VARIABLE RUNTIME DETAILS: The work varies depending on the decision the viewer makes closer to the end of the animation. There are three unique endings.


COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Russian Federation

LANGUAGE: English, Russian


Nica Petrova.jpg



Nica Petrova is a Russian Artist, studying Illustration and Animation in the U.K. at Anglia Ruskin University. Graduating in 2020.