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Program Spotlight: The Official FilmGate Discord Server

Hello FilmGatos!

FilmGate Intern Brennan here, and over the next several weeks I will be spotlighting all of the different programs. Everyone knows about our special events and festivals, but we have several programs we offer all year round to support actors, filmmakers, and community members.

The Official FilmGate Discord Server

Who is it for? Everyone

The FilmGate Discord Server is quickest way to get in contact with the people at FilmGate. The entire staff is easily reachable through the forum, as well as the rest of the FlimGate community members. From the server you can be the first to be notified about job opportunities and local shoots. It is also a great play to stay notified of and discuss industry news.

Even if you aren't looking for work, the Discord server is still the place to get notified of preview screenings to upcoming films, which you will get to see before everyone else. These screenings are free for our paying members! You can also stay notified of all our other FilmGate events and programs.

Our FilmGate Discord is completely free to join, which you can do at this link. If you are one of our paying members you will have access to exclusive text channels where you can chat with our other members and staff.

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