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Professional Services

Whether you need production insurance, a space to create your next masterpiece in, or a new headshot to look your best, FilmGate has many options to choose from!

Film production insurance:

FilmGate Miami is committed to providing production support to independent filmmakers in South Florida. Production insurance allows you to obtain city and state permits, rent professional equipment, protect yourself, your crew, and your actors. It even covers rental cars. One of the benefits of being a FilmGate Miami member is the option to purchase production insurance at a heavily discounted rate.

The general liability limit is the standard one million. The price of the insurance package is $400 per project / date, which includes reshoots. FilmGate Miami production insurance covers:

  • Short films

  • Photo Shoot & Outdoor Portrait

  • Music videos  (Some music video restrictions may apply)

  • Web series

  • Low-budget commercials

  • Sound Recording


Projects covered by our insurance must thank and credit FilmGate Miami with a logo slide.



Q.  What do I need to do to get production insurance?

A.   You must be a member of FilmGate Miami to take advantage of  production insurance.

  • Have a budget of $250,000 or less for your project.

  • You must pay a $400 flat fee for insurance.


*If you are a member and wish to purchase insurance, scroll down to the bottom of this web page.


Q.  What is covered by FilmGate Miami production insurance?

A.   Negative film and video tape production

  • Faulty stock camera processing

  • Props, sets and wardrobe

  • Miscellaneous equipment

  • Third party property damage

  • Business personal property

  • Non-owned auto physical damage

  • Computer hardware

  • Resumption of operations

Q.  For how long will I be able to use my production insurance access?


A.  As a FilmGate member you have access to FilmGate Film Production Insurance for one-year till membership expires. Simply renew your membership to continue your eligibility. Each limited time Film Production insurance certificate has a starting price charge of $400 for members.

Q.  What should I be aware of before applying for production insurance?

A.   Certificate Issue dates MUST be 4 days prior to actual use of insurance (surcharges for same day services is possible).

  • Extra costs will apply for water and aircraft shoots. Some music video restrictions may apply.

  • Keep FilmGate updated with your shooting schedule & or location change.

  • We will only insure members and your membership privileges are non transferable.

Q.  I need FilmGate film production insurance in the next 36 hours! What do I do?


A.  There will be a $100 LATE CHARGE assessed. A TOTAL of $500 for Members. Quickly email with the subject line " Emergency Film Production Insurance" and include telephone # and best time to call. Make sure to have all your info ready. Property Owner / Location address and their contact. Errors will delay the issue of your certificate.

Q.  Does FilmGate Miami have the authority to revoke my membership at anytime?


A.  Yes. FilmGate Miami values your business. But misleading or falsifying information, harassment on set or other negligent behavior will not only jeopardize your production, but will also reflect poorly on our organization, in which case we reserve the right to revoke your membership privileges.

Actor reel editing:


Hey, guys. Yes we do edit your reels also! Come into the DMC with your footage, we will sit down together and gather the best clips for editing.


Once the notes are gathered and you are satisfied with them, our editor will have the edit completed swiftly. If you cannot come in physically send your notes along with your footage over to us.

Image by Anthony Roberts


Our goal is to surpass customer expectancy, provide an environment where collaboration, creativity and technology merge to produce high quality audiovisual production services. Our professional team of creative and talented minds is committed to continue to deliver top quality services, expert consultancy and value to our customers through an array of additional services, making it a convenient “one stop shop” 

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