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The Best Show on TV, or Why I'd Work at The Bear instead of Waystar Royco

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

If I have to point out one flaw in the near-flawless show that is Succession, it’d be that I’d never work with any character from the show. As much as I root for the Roy siblings, laugh at their antics, and am sad when everything they work for eventually falls apart, I’d never meet with Roman or take a stroll in the park with Kendall.

On the other hand, I guarantee you I could spend 40+ hours a week at The Bear and never get tired of the people. Even with the constant slew of problems and arguments, I would love to help Fak move a broken stovetop, help Carmy and Sydney workshop the new menu, or tag along with Richie and peel mushrooms at Ever. And I’d do all of this simply for one reason: everybody in The Bear loves what they’re doing and who they’re doing it with.

Sure the characters in The Bear have shortcomings and can be difficult to work with. Yet they all care for eachother. Richie stages at Ever because Carmy knows Richie could bring more value to the kitchen and to himself, Sydney promotes Tina to be the Sous-Chef because she now recognizes and appreciates Syd’s expertise, hell even Fak gets Carmy a girlfriend. The characters in The Bear want to make a difference in the restaurant because they love the restaurant and they love each other. Nobody can argue that the characters in Succession share the same sentiment.

And that’s why I think The Bear is the best show of the year, not because of its great needle drops, breakneck editing, or incredible ensemble. It’s because the heart of The Bear overtakes the brilliance of Succession. At least in my opinion.

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