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I had ChatGPT Write the Next MCU out of Cereal Mascots

This will be a long one, but I promise you it is so worth it.

It all started when I read this Hollywood Reporter article about Studios hiring AI Specialists in the middle of the current strikes.

I decided that if major Hollywood Studios are turning to AI to make their next big blockbusters, why don’t I turn to AI to make one myself? I was going to have ChatGPT make me the next big movie franchise.

And I could have never imagined what it gave me.


My first prompt. Make an idea for a film that is creative, authentic, and based on a household brand. The first one it came up with was about a Toyland with a cast of well-known toys, which was alright but not quite what I was looking for. I regenerated the response and struck gold.

The title of the film is Cerelia: The Cereal Kingdom.

The plot centers around Crunchy, “an adventurous young cereal mascot from the Kingdom of Oats, who dreams of uniting all the cereal kingdoms to promote harmony and understanding.” He stumbles upon an ancient prophecy that speaks of a powerful artifact, the Golden Spoon, said to have the ability to unite the Cereal Kingdoms. A different brand of cereal inspires each cereal kingdom, all unique in their presentation. He gets inspired by the prophecy and ventures out to find the Golden Spoon, despite other mascots’ skepticism. Crunchy is, of course, voiced by Chris Pratt.

The main antagonist is Dr. Gloom, a villainous mascot from the bland Gloom Flakes kingdom. “Driven by jealousy and a desire for control, Dr. Gloom discovers Crunchy’s quest and decides to thwart him, fearing the loss of his own kingdom’s power if the cereal kingdoms unite.”

Along the way, Crunchy encounters iconic cereal mascots. The main cast is Tony the Tiger, played by The Rock. Toucan Sam, played by Johnny Depp. Snap, Crackle, and Pop, played by Tom Holland, Dylan O’Brien, and Zac Efron. Chip the Wolf, played by Benedict Cumberbatch (I added him because Cookie Crisps was the only cereal I ate as a kid). And finally, Dr. Gloom is played by Christoph Waltz.

The main team of Crunchy, Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, and Snap, Crackle, and Pop face obstacles that challenge all their beliefs, with each learning to adapt and gain the trust of one another. During this time, Chip the Wolf is the film's comedic relief. “Despite his scheming ways, Chip occasionally shows moments of camaraderie, adding depth to his character.”

But oh no! As the Cereal Crusaders (my name for the team) grows stronger, Dr. Gloom spreads his Gloom Flakes to each cereal kingdom, threatening the Cereal Crusaders' mission and unity.

During this dark moment, Crunchy realizes that the true power of the Golden Spoon lies not just in its ability to unite the cereal kingdoms physically but in its representation of the joy, nostalgia, and uniqueness that each cereal brings. This revelation reignites their determination to continue the quest.

In an epic final battle, the Cereal Crusaders defeat Dr. Gloom by “embracing their individuality and celebrating the diversity of their flavors.” With this victory, Crunchy successfully unites the cereal kingdoms and brings prosperity to Cereal Land.

The film concludes as Crunchy returns to the Kingdom of Oats, now recognized as a hero among his fellow mascots. He realizes that his journey was not just about finding the Golden Spoon but discovering the strength within himself to lead and inspire others.

This first film was admittedly entertaining to read and was based on household brands. Creative and authentic, though? Who cares! You KNOW I had to franchise the hell out of this thing. The first step for that is having some juicy post-credit scenes.

My next prompt: Write two post-credit scenes for the movie, setting up spin-off movies to develop a Cereal Land Franchise.

Post-Credit Scene 1:

*The screen fades to black, and then we hear a familiar voice chuckling mischievously. The camera slowly pans up to reveal Chip the Wolf from "Cookie Crisps," standing in a secret lair.*

Chip: (Smirking) "Well, well, well... It seems Crunchy and his team managed to find the Golden Spoon. But don't think this is over just yet. There are more delicious adventures to be had in Cereal Land!"

*Chip walks over to a table covered in blueprints and maps, each displaying various cereal kingdoms.*

Chip: (Whispering to himself) "Yes, yes, my dear 'Cookie Crisps' will have its own kingdom soon enough. And I have a few other mascots in mind who could be... valuable allies."

*The scene ends with Chip grinning mischievously as he begins plotting his next cereal-themed escapade.*

Post-Credit Scene 2:

*The scene opens with Crunchy, Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, Snap, Crackle, and Pop all gathered together in the Kingdom of Oats, celebrating their victory and newfound friendship.*

Tony the Tiger: "Great job, Crunchy! We really pulled through as a team!"

Toucan Sam: "Indeed! I never thought I'd get to adventure with such a wonderful group of mascots!"

Snap, Crackle, and Pop: (In unison) "Yeah! We make a pretty fantastic team!"

*As they continue celebrating, a mysterious figure cloaked in shadows observes them from afar. The figure's eyes glow with a hint of intrigue.*

Mysterious Figure: (Whispers) "The time has come. They've proven themselves worthy. Now it's time to reveal the truth behind the legends and unlock the ultimate cereal power!"

*The camera zooms in on the mysterious figure's hand, which holds an ancient map with symbols and enigmatic markings.*

Mysterious Figure: "The Cereal Kingdoms... Guardians of the Cereal Keys... The time has come to awaken them all."

*The scene ends with the mysterious figure's laughter echoing as the screen fades to black, teasing the development of a spin-off movie that delves into the secrets and origins of the Cereal Keys and the ancient guardians of Cereal Land.*

With these post-credits at the end of my movie, I set out to make a ten-film franchise of the Cereal Land Universe, or CLU. My following prompt: Make an overall story of ten movies that are spin-offs and sequels from Cerelia that end in a giant cinematic experience.

I will now showcase the ten film outlines of the Cereal Land Universe:

Movie 1: "Crunchy's Quest"

The first film follows Crunchy as he sets out on his quest to find the "Golden Spoon" and unite the cereal kingdoms. He forms a team with Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, Snap, Crackle, and Pop. They overcome obstacles, face Dr. Gloom's threats, and successfully unite the cereal kingdoms.

I guess the first film's title is now an “A New Hope” situation.

Movie 2: "Chip's Conundrum"

A spin-off film focused on Chip the Wolf from "Cookie Crisps," who becomes determined to claim his own cereal kingdom. He forms an unlikely alliance with other cereal mascots, both allies and adversaries, as they embark on a wild adventure to prove their worth and earn their place in Cereal Land.

As a kid, I always loved Cookie Crisps’ commercials the most, so I’m glad Chip is getting the respect he deserves. The main antagonist of this film is Baron Crunchbite, played by Tom Hiddleston. A ruthless and power-hungry cereal mascot… he sees Chip and other aspiring mascots as threats to his own ambitions of claiming a cereal kingdom. I can’t believe ChatGPT copy-pasted Loki into my cereal mascot cinematic universe.

Movie 3: "The Cereal Keys"

This movie delves into the mysterious origins of the Cereal Keys and the ancient guardians of Cereal Land. As the mascots learn about their past and their connection to the keys, they must defend them from a new threat that seeks to misuse their power for evil.

The main antagonist of this film is The Cereal Key Collector; she is who I imagine was the cloaked figure in our second post-credit scene. And with the collector being played by Cate Blanchett? The hierarchy of power in the Cereal Land Universe is about to change.

Movie 4: "Toucan Sam's Treasure Hunt"

Toucan Sam takes center stage in this thrilling adventure where he leads a team of mascots in search of a legendary treasure hidden deep within the Jungle Cereal Kingdom. Along the way, they face perilous challenges and learn the value of teamwork and friendship.

Let this be Johnny Depp’s Top Gun: Maverick. He leads a team of up-and-coming actors against Captain Cerealbeard, played by Jason Momoa (switching sides from DCU to CLU). “A formidable pirate mascot who guards the legendary treasure in the Jungle Cereal Kingdom.” He makes the movie “...a thrilling adventure filled with swashbuckling battles and daring escapes”. This Top Gun: Maverick meets Pirates of The Caribbean, and I’m all for it.

Movie 5: "Tony's Training Camp"

A fun-filled film that follows Tony the Tiger as he opens a training camp for young cereal mascots. As they learn the ropes of being a mascot, they also encounter new challenges and uncover a plot to disrupt the camp, testing their abilities and teamwork.

Similar to Toucan Sam’s Treasure Hunt, surprisingly Tony the Tiger’s film seems to be the least cinematic and most kid-friendly of the CLU. The film’s antagonist is The Saboteur, played by Margot Robbie. I’m guessing this will be the most different film from the rest of the CLU.

As executive producer of the CLU, I will grab Taika Waititi and see if we can get that “Thor: Ragnarok” and “Next Goal Wins” magic put into this film. I imagine Tony the Tiger will be playing many sports in this, so expect celebrity athlete voice cameos as well.

Movie 6: "Snap, Crackle, and Pop's Culinary Capers"

This lighthearted and humorous spin-off follows Snap, Crackle, and Pop as they embark on a culinary adventure. They travel through various cereal kingdoms, competing in a cook-off, and discovering the joy of cooking together.

The antagonist of this film is The Cereal Culinary Rival. “...a skilled chef mascot from a rival cereal kingdom… seeking to prove that their kingdom’s cereal is superior. The film revolves around a friendly yet intense culinary rivalry”. Although ChatGPT cast Gal Gadot in this role, I’m overturning it and by executive decision casting Jeremy Allen White for obvious reasons.

I know he’s the current head of DC, but I think James Gunn would direct this film pretty well. It’d be more light-hearted than his work on Guardians and Suicide Squad, so maybe Jon Favreau would be a better pick.

Movie 7: "Guardians of Cereal Land"

A pivotal film that explores the ancient guardians' role in protecting Cereal Land and the return of a formidable villain from the past. The mascots must come together to defend their world against this powerful threat.

This film sounds like a return to form for the CLU after a string of what might be divisive solo films. Really the start of the four-part finale of the CLU, this movie would answer a lot of questions about the lore of Cereal Land, have some major character revelations, and offer one of the best antagonists of the franchise in The Shadow Emissary, played by Micheal Fassbender. “... a dark and mysterious figure who seeks to harness the guardians’ power for malevolent purposes. They manipulate and corrupt some of the guardians, forcing the mascots to face their greatest challenge yet”.

I know this whole project is fun and games, but I am somehow HYPED for this idea. Micheal Fassbender playing a master manipulator, turning some of the CLU’s most powerful heroes evil? I am there DAY ONE.

Movie 8: "The Great Cereal Games"

Inspired by the success of "Crunchy's Quest," Cereal Land hosts the Great Cereal Games, where mascots from all over compete in exciting challenges and sporting events. It's a celebration of unity and competition that strengthens the bonds between the cereal kingdoms.

I’m not going to lie; this film is out of left field. Following the MAJOR ramifications from Guardians of Cereal Land, hard pivoting to the Cereal Mascot Olympics is a weird story choice. But I am excited to see my favorite characters compete and see who is the best mascot. This film's antagonist is The Ambitious Competitor, played by Scarlett Johansson, “... a rival mascot who will stop at nothing to win the Great Cereal Fames and claim glory for their cereal kingdom”. If this film were before Guardians of Cereal Land, I’d imagine it’d have better reception. Also for the #1 spot, my money’s on Lucky the Leprechaun. The odds are on his side.

Although a misstep in the CLU, The Great Cereal Games sets up the next film incredibly.

Movie 9: "The Cereal Kingdom Civil War"

Cereal Land faces its greatest internal conflict as ideological differences arise among the cereal kingdoms. Tensions escalate into a full-blown conflict, and the mascots must find a way to restore peace and harmony to Cereal Land.

First off, WOAH. Game of Thrones in the Cereal Land Universe? I’m guessing the fallout of the Great Cereal Games has caused such a rift in Cereal Land that peace and prosperity have now gone to the wayside in exchange for WAR. This will be the Captain America: Civil War of the CLU. And with Leonardo Dicaprio playing the film's antagonist, The Divisive Leader? “The Divisive Leader is a charismatic but manipulative mascot from one of the cereal kingdoms. They exploit the differences between the kingdoms, fueling the conflict and leading to a civil war that threatens to tear Cereal Land apart”.

This movie is going to be amazing. No doubt in my mind. Will Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam have to fight each other in order to protect eaches team of young mascots? How will Chip the Wolf and his renegade cereal mascots affect the war? Where is Dr. Gloom in all of this? I NEED ANSWERS.

Movie 10: "Cereal Land Unite" (Cinematic Experience)

In the ultimate cinematic experience, all the mascots from the previous films come together in an epic showdown against a colossal threat that seeks to conquer Cereal Land. This movie ties together all the storylines, character arcs, and conflicts from the previous films, culminating in an unforgettable battle that tests the unity and strength of the cereal mascots. With heart-pounding action and emotional moments, "Cereal Land Unite" becomes an epic conclusion to the ten-movie saga, celebrating the power of friendship, diversity, and the magic of breakfast cereals.

Alright, for the last film I had to ask ChatGPT a new prompt: Develop the main story of Cereal Land Unite, concluding the ten film saga of the Cereal Land Universe that includes major character deaths, previous villains becoming heroes, a triumphant final battle, and satisfying endings for every major character.

Now I present the epic final chapter of the Cereal Land Universe.

Movie 10: "Cereal Land Unite”

The film begins with Cereal Land amidst rebuilding after the near-cataclysmic Cereal Kingdom Civil War. Suddenly, the Cereal Overlord emerges from the shadows, covering the whole land in its darkness and revealing their sinister plan to harness the Cereal Keys' combined power.

The Cereal Overlord is the mastermind behind everything that has transpired in the previous movies. Revealed as a powerful and ancient being, the Cereal Overlord seeks to claim all the Cereal Keys and control Cereal Land. They are fueled by a desire for ultimate power and dominance over all the cereal kingdoms. As a powerful, ancient being, the Cereal Overlord can take on various forms, with Meryl Streep providing the voice and presence in the climactic final battle.

The Cereal Crusaders, including Crunchy, Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, Snap, Crackle, and Pop, must unite for one final stand.

They gather allies from previous films, including Sonny the Cuckoo, Buzz Bee, Cap’n Crunch, Trix Rabbit, Lucky the Leprechaun, and Chip the Wolf, who has undergone a transformation and seeks redemption. They also recruit some of the reformed villains, such as Dr. Gloom, Baron Crunchbite, and Captain Cerealbeard.

Now with the Cereal Crusaders fully formed, they embark on a quest to find and protect the remaining Cereal Keys.

The past villains confront their past mistakes, deciding to stand with the heroes against the greater threat of the Cereal Overlord. Their redemption arcs add depth to the story as they prove their loyalty to Cereal Land.

In a twist, Dr. Gloom is revealed to have been Fruity Mummy the whole time. He was turned into Dr. Gloom by the Cereal Overlord after the monster cereals tried to defeat them long ago.

Just as they find the central keys, the Cereal Overlord launches a surprise attack, pushing the Cereal Crusaders to the brink!

Toucan Sam, known for his zest for life and adventurous spirit, goes head-to-head with the Cereal Overlord in a daring aerial battle. Despite his agility and quick reflexes, he suffers a fatal blow in an attempt to protect Crunchy. As he gracefully glides to the ground, he imparts his wisdom to Crunchy, telling him to “follow his nose” and trust his instincts. Toucan Sam’s passing leaves a void in the hearts of his friends, but his legacy lives on through his guidance.

Baron Crunchbite, the previous antagonist who sought his own cereal kingdom, redeems himself by sacrificing his life to shield the group from a deadly attack. His redemption arc comes full circle as he faces the consequences of his past actions and chooses to atone for his mistakes. In his final moments, he expresses regret for his past choices and asks for forgiveness from those he once opposed. His sacrifice buys enough time for the Cereal Crusaders to retreat.

The inseparable trio of Snap, Crackle, and Pop bravely take on a horde of the Cereal Overlord’s minions to protect their friends. While they manage to defeat most of the foes, Snap falls during battle, sacrificing themselves to buy the others time to retreat. The remaining two, heartbroken by the loss, choose to continue to fight with renowned determination.

In the climactic final battle, the mascots rally together to face the formidable Cereal Overlord in an epic showdown. Every cereal mascot from every kingdom arrives, ready to defend the Cereal Land until their last breath. With their combined strength and unity, they push back against the darkness, determined to protect Cereal Land and the Cereal Keys.

During the intense battle, Crunchy takes the lead, wielding the power of the "Golden Spoon" with unwavering resolve. He urges his friends to stand strong and reminds them of the journey they've undertaken together. As they fight, they draw strength from the memories of their fallen comrades, using their sacrifices to fuel their determination.

In a heart-stopping moment, the Cereal Overlord gains the upper hand, threatening to destroy the mascots and claim the Cereal Keys. The Crusaders are pushed to their limits, leaving them on the brink of defeat.

Tony the Tiger faces off against the Cereal Overlord in a fierce one-on-one confrontation. Despite his strength and courage, Tony is gravely injured while defending his friends. With his last ounce of energy, he urges the others to carry on and to remember that “They’re grrreat!” before succumbing to his injuries. His loss deeply affects the other mascots, who are inspired to fight even harder in his memory.

It is in this dire moment they realize that true unity is not just about combining their strengths but also about accepting each other's weaknesses and embracing their differences. Crunchy, embodying the very essence of their unity, taps into an inner strength and manages to outmaneuver the Overlord.

The Cereal Overlord's power begins to wane, and their malevolence weakens. As the mascots surround them, they realize the true power of friendship, acceptance, and unity they've learned throughout their ten-film saga. With a powerful burst of combined energy, the Cereal Overlord is vanquished, their reign of darkness is finally at an end.

Following the battle, the mascots return to Cereal Land, where they hold a solemn and emotional funeral to honor their fallen friends. The ceremony is a touching tribute, celebrating the bravery, sacrifices, and enduring spirit of those who gave their lives for the greater good of Cereal Land.

Amidst their grief, the mascots find solace in each other's presence, knowing that their unity has been the key to their victory. As they pay their respects, they recall the lessons they've learned from their departed comrades, cherishing the memories that will forever guide them.

In a final scene, Crunchy stands at the top of a hill, looking out over the unified Cereal Land, which now thrives in peace and harmony. The cereal mascots have formed a tight-knit community, their bonds stronger than ever before.

As Crunchy reflects on their incredible journey, he recalls the very beginning of the first film of the series. He turns to the camera, breaking the fourth wall, and delivers a heartwarming line reminiscent of the start of the adventure:

Crunchy: "It all started with a dream and a spoon... Who knew that breakfast cereal mascots would be the key to saving Cereal Land and bringing us all together? It's been an unforgettable journey, and I'm grateful for every single moment, every friend we've made, and every lesson we've learned along the way."

The camera pans out as Crunchy smiles, and the screen fades to black. The ten-film saga of Cereal Land comes to a triumphant close, leaving audiences inspired by the power of friendship, sacrifice, and the magic that lies within the simplest of things – breakfast cereals.

Honestly, I edited this whole outline, mixing different prompts and tweaking the story to tie everything together. I guess that shows how you can’t have an AI chatbot do everything, huh?

This little experiment was honestly one of the most fun things I’ve done in a while. Seeing what ChatGPT would come up with and how my imagination would run wild with each prompt answer made me excited to see what ChatGPT would spit out next. If only this pitch for a ten-movie mega-franchise weren’t promoting cereal and very formulaic, I would’ve loved this to be the next cinematic universe.

My ChatGPT session to develop the greatest franchise ever known to man can be found here. Feel free to continue the Cereal Land Universe, making TV shows and adding more phases to the story! If you do, email me at with what you made! I’d love to read it.

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