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FILMGATE INTERACTIVE FESTIVAL #06 2018 ◉ 7 Day Ultra Sensory Experience Festival ◉ Future Film courses & Digital Journalism talks + MEDIA ART BASEL 2018 MIAMI #VR #AR #MiamiTech

Six years in redefining the way, FilmGate Interactive Media Festival comes to Downtown Miami on November 30th!

FilmGate Interactive Media Festival gathers technologists , media artists, digital journalists and high audience leaders from around the world to talk and present works that will be changing the way society intakes stories in the near future and the festival seeks to redirect the use of our Information Age in helpful approach to mankind versus invasive method of gathering audiences data. The majority of our attendees are creatives & or leaders in their field. They seek to redefine the way we conceive and share our stories, together. For one week we celebrate visual storytellers and supporting industries through screenings, exhibits, talks, immersive art installations, sensory visual environments and personable live events. Witness the technology of today, shape the content of tomorrow! 

Select your desired event or Festival Pass. We look forward to your company amongst all the panelists and attendees flying to Miami the week of Nov 30th 2018