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Our mission is to cultivate talent and promote innovation from within Miami’s evolving film and media industry. 


Learn valuable skills and tools through our regular programs and classes led by some of the industry's best talent.


Create and showcase your projects during monthly screenings, in the curated gallery, or in our annual interactive festival.


Create and showcase your projects during monthly screenings, in the curated gallery, or in our annual interactive festival.


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Miguel Miller

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Director Miguel Miller has developed a subtle yet nuanced and imaginative approach to the art of filmmaking. In the Dominican Republic, Miller grew up surrounded by the magical realism of the island. He instantly found an affinity to bringing images to life, evoking thought and emotion through them. He engages in all aspects of creating a film, from stories to characters, to narrative. Miller’s attention to detail and characteristically non- conventional approach to storytelling sets him apart as an accomplished filmmaker.


Best Of Fest .png

FilmGate Best-of-Best Festival 2023

November 28th, 2023
6:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Silverspot Cinema, Downtown Miami

How time flew! It's time to celebrate Florida Film and their creators with all the previous winners of our past monthly editions. This is Best of 2023!

All previous winners will be competing for an array of awards, including the covenant Pink Kraken Award.

Come celebrate our local creators in an amazing night of our best winning films and the battle to take home awards.

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Filmgate Interactive X 

Starts November 29th, 2023 
Until December 3rd 2023

University of Miami 


FGI X Is an Immersive Media Festival, that leads into Art Basel week. We invite educators, technologists, creators, students, museums, ad agencies, cultural leaders and curious audiences to experience 30 innovative immersive projects from Florida and around the world.



​Workshop Space

  • Up to 3 video camera setup

  • Imac capable

  • High-Speed Wifi

  • Kitchen

  • Great atmosphere

  • Up to 25 seats

  • Restroom accessible

Full-Theater Space

Copy of DSC00239.jpg
  • 4K Projector

  • Stage light Presentation

  • Wired & Wireless Mic ready

  • Up to 50 seats

  • High-Speed Wifi

  • High end sound system with microphones, speakers, and control panel

  • Restroom accessible

Recording Studio

Copy of IMG_4332.jpeg
  • Podcast Ready

  • Virtual Reality Lab Ready

  • Biometric Capture Room Ready

  • Podcast/Green Room Space

  • High end sound system with microphones

  • Restroom accessible

*Temporarily Unavailable

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