Our mission is to cultivate talent and promote innovation from within Miami’s evolving film and media industry. 


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Learn valuable skills and tools through our regular programs and classes led by some of the industry's best talent.


Create and showcase your projects during monthly screenings, in the curated gallery, or in our annual interactive festival.


Create and showcase your projects during monthly screenings, in the curated gallery, or in our annual interactive festival.


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David Hamzik 


David Hamzik is a South Florida based artist, actor, and film maker who goes by his Alis “Cruxmax”. He Studied graphic design at Fort Lauderdale Art Institute and later moved to New York City to study theater at Terry Schreiber Studios. In 2016 he took a year off from creating to work and save money to buy his own camera equipment. After acquiring the equipment he moved back to South Florida to pursue film making by creating an avant-garde sketch comedy show called “I AM SUS.” 


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XR Unity BootCamp

Learn Unity development and build entertainment, digital, and Web3 experiences. No coding skills are required. Unlike other typical programming courses, in our bootcamp, you will get your hands dirty, focusing on creating a simple game/XR (extending reality.)
You will learn how to write code to influence the performance of your own simulation/game, along with crafting playable environments and game levels. The goal is to learn the basics you need to create something interactive, fun, and comprehensive.


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Film Festival

Our monthly film festival where we come to see the works of emerging filmmakers, the talented actors and the producing teams putting Florida on the map.

We celebrate FilmGate Festival every LAST WEDNESDAY of the MONTH. Every month has a different genre for your movie-loving experience. Come to network & see you there. 



Full-Theater Space

  • up to 3 video camera setup

  • Imac capable

  • High speed wifi

  • Kitchen

  • Great atmosphere

  • up to 25 seats

  • Restroom accesible

Full-Theater Space

Copy of DSC00239.jpg
  • 4K Projector

  • Stagelight Presentation

  • Wired & WIreless Mic ready

  • up to 50 seats

  • High-Speed Wifi

  • High end sound system with microphones, speakers and control panel

  • Restroom accesible

 Podcast/Green Space

Copy of IMG_4332.jpeg
  • Podcast Ready

  • Virtual Reality Lab Ready

  • Biometric Capture Room Ready

  • Podcast/Green Room Space

  • Restroom accesible

  • High end sound system with microphones

  • Restroom accesible