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Florida Film Challenge

18 film genres / one month

A month long film challenge, powered by FilmGate Miami, designed to expose talents and skillset of digital media artists and filmmakers. Join your fellow filmmakers and actors and make a short film in Florida, over the course of one month.

The first Florida Film Challenge took place May 1st - 29th, 2020



1 x $1000 grand prize
2 x $200 audience choice prize
2 x $100 best Florida actor prize

What must be done:

-  Must be a Florida resident
-  Register a film genre of your choice
-  Use all required objectives
-  Create and deliver your film by the due date and time

Image by Guzmán Barquín
Image by Jack Kelly


-  Make a short film (5 minutes or less)
-  Choose only one category from Eventbrite (2 or more and you will be disqualified)
-  Attend team rally or view through live stream to receive objectives
-  Turn in movie through FilmGate's FilmFreeway
-  Winners will be announced live on FilmGate's social media
-  Winners that attend the Florida Film Challenge will be able to compete in the grand prizes

Evaluation of films:

  1. STORY


  3. SOUND





A jury of accomplished media and film professionals, will score your short on the criteria above. WISDOM IS ONLY GAINED BY FAILURES. The jury will be revealed on social media.

Image by Jakob Owens
Image by Felipe Bustillo


Q.  Can I participate if I don't live in the United States?


A.  No. Only Florida residents may apply - Verification might be subject to request


Q.  I would like to participate but I don't have a team.  How can I join a team?


A.  No crew? NO problem. Join the FilmGate Roundup on THURSDAY APRIL 30th - We will welcome Actors and other filmmakers looking to gather crew



Q.  Do I have to finalize my list of team members (cast/crew) when I register or can I submit that later?

A.  Yes! This challenge is about working with people under pressure. If crew members decide to drop out during the project. Submit your new crew sheet when submitting film. *Team Integrity can be used for point evaluation at the end



Q.  How do we receive the Theme, Action, and Prop Assignment?




Q.  Does every team receive a Theme, Action, and Prop?

A.  Yes this is the only way to take part of the challenge.



Q.  How do we incorporate the Action and Prop?

A.  Use your imagination.



Q.  What is the maximum length of the films?

A.  5 mins or less



Q.  What about subtitles?

A.  Use subtitles at your discretion / the genre "FILMS WITH SUBTITLES" is for film challenge films that are told in another language * just remember to make time to insert subtitles



Q.  What music can we use in the films?

A.  Use music that is original music made by one of the team members or have written consent for music to be used on this project (trust us it alleviates problems if you choose to show this film somewhere else)



Q.  Do I need to provide talent releases for extras?  What about people walking by in the background?

A.  Yes WE need talent releases. We need to do things right



Q.  What happens if I submit my film a few minutes past the deadline?  How late can I submit my film?

A.  We will have a category for “LATE” films but chances are only the best ones will be considered



Q.  Why do a Film Challenge?

A.  We aim to increase quality content in the state of Florida. After 8 years of offering the community inexpensive quality actor & film workshops, we feel our community is ready for the next step - make our state a moviemaking paradise. Oh yeah! We Dream big at FilmGate.

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