MIAMI DDA: Miami Art Week 2022

The FilmGate Interactive Festival, a one-of-a-kind international festival, taking place in person and virtually in Miami and Miami Beach, is designed to highlight and showcase how emerging tech empowers new ways of artistic and media expression. Over the course of four days, Friday through Monday, Dec. 2-5, 2022, creators, producers, tech companies and curious audiences will have access to over 30 interactive experiences, 15 labs and talks, interactive exhibits, 4 dome experiences, a financing market, b2b meetings, music, and live events, accessible to all ages.


When filmmaker and self-described sci-fi geek Diliana Alexander discovered that VR could increase audiences’ empathy levels, she and her co-founder were inspired to create a festival that explored where this technology would take the creative world. Thus, FilmGate Interactive was born. 

FIlmGate is an annual event that showcases the latest and greatest in extended reality (XR) tech. According to Forbes, XR is an emerging umbrella term for all the immersive technologies—augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR).

VR Games

Art Basel Miami 2022: Survival-guide cheat sheet for best art & music events, parking

This ninth-annual bash is all about digital art and embracing the metaverse (aka Mark Zuckerberg’s current obsession), basically an interactive world the public accesses using virtual-reality headsets. The festival is a four-day blitz of virtual-reality screenings, live music, dance performances, filmmaking how-tos and interactive workshops.

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FilmGate Miami is debuting 25 virtual reality and interactive art installations this year, including one VR experience that takes you deep sea diving.

FilmGate’s cofounder, Diliana Alexander says these “extended reality” installations provide new opportunities for guests to be a part of the art; not just view it but immerse themselves in it.

“These are projects that would have probably not existed two years ago or even last year because technology is changing, and artists are pushing boundaries,” said Alexander. “The audience, because they’re present and interacting or being engaged in some of kind way, they’re a lot more invested in what they’re experiencing.”


FilmGate Miami: Featured in Miami New Times

On Tuesday, FilmGate Miami returns with another workshop, Why the Drama, allowing for screenplays to be workshopped with actors and industry folk in attendance. The night will include a reading of Sex, Love & Salsa! a pilot series written by Adrian Manzano, with the log line, "Dancers and musicians learn about life and love on the dance floor"; and Nelson Isava's The Girl Next Door: "Two immigrant sisters must find their way out of a deadly entanglement by looking inward and toward each other."

FilmGate Miami Presents: FilmGate Short Film Festival 2022 - Best of 2022! Happening Next (2022)

How time flew! It's time to celebrate Florida Film and their creators with all the previous winners of our past monthly editions. This is Best of 2022!
All previous winners will be completing for an array of awards, including the covenant Pink Crystal Kraken Award.
About us: FilmGate Miami is a non-profit organization that's goal is to ensure the empowerment and growth of local creators and talent.


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“I AM SUS” Wins at FilmGate Miami  Jitneybooks (2022)

FilmGate Miami, now in its 10th year, is the epicenter for all things film in South Florida. With a new space occupying an entire floor of a classic Downtown Miami building, FilmGate has earned the title of Miami’s best film organization. Whether hosting boot camps on Acting and Screenwriting or Master classes on Producing, if you want to connect with the Miami film industry, this is the space for you.

“FilmGate: inspiring Miami filmmakers to create”  Knight Foundation (2015)

FilmGate Interactive, a Knight Arts grantee, returns with another week-long event “at the crossroads of film, technology and interactive storytelling.” The festival, which runs from February 1-8, is the brainchild of Executive Director Diliana Alexander. Alexander, whom I interviewed last year, spoke with me again about the creative value the festival will generate for local filmmakers and the community.

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Meet Diliana Alexander of FilmGate Miami Voyage MIA (2017)

In 2012, I co-founded FilmGate Miami – a not for profit organization with the mission to support independent film production in Florida. As a filmmaker, I needed FilmGate to exist and since it did not, we created it. Our first program was I’M NOT GONNA MOVE TO L.A. – the longest running monthly short film series in Florida; it celebrates local creativity. It takes place on the first Wednesday of each month to sold out audiences at O Cinema Wynwood. Later came the workshops, the production resources and finally the media center.

“FilmGate continues to create opportunities for Miami film community with new studio space” Independent Ethos  (2018)

FilmGate is a non-profit organization that supports independent film in Florida through screening, workshop, panels and festivals.As of right now, the startup is focusing on their monthly screening festival for local filmmakers, “I am Not Going to Move to L.A” or NOLA, which is about to debut at its new venue, the Silverspot Cinema, on Aug. 28. The event consists of eight short films of no longer than twenty minutes, all directed and produced by filmmakers living in Florida.


“FilmGate Miami welcomes 305 filmmakers and beyond” Miami Herald (2021)

FilmGate Miami co-founders Diliana Alexander and Jose Jacho talk about the resources available at FilmGate Miami Media Center, which nurtures local filmmaking by helping with cinematography classes, acting workshops and multimedia training.

“Open Dialogues (Stories From the LGBTQ community)” Art and Culture Center/ Hollywood

The Art and Culture Center/Hollywood’s documentary short film Open Dialogues: Stories From the LGBTQ Community will be screened on Wednesday, May 25 as part of the monthly FilmGate Miami Short Film Festival.

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“FilmGate” Yelp

Very active non-profit that produce events that actually BENEFIT YOU; I entered in their monthly NOLA film festival, took home two awards as a first-time filmmaker. I've attended their Acting Masterclasses, Filmmaking Bootcamp Series, Producer Series, Screenwriting Series, and on top of that, the free Naked Angels writer/actor workshop are people not flocking to this at light-speed?!?

Swamp Docs Art Calendar-Broward (2020)

SWAMP DOCS – Meetup for Florida Activists, Journalists, and Documentarians.

Welcome to FilmGate Miami’s SWAMP DOCS - a conversation series exploring current issues affecting the South East Region of the US. This event provides informative support to documentarians and digital journalists. We at FilmGate Miami are stoked to have this officially open to the public.


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Screenwriters, playwrights, and actors come beautifully together in a unique performance space for an equally unique concept. It's called Naked Angels x FilmGate Miami. It was an idea that stemmed from New York City in the '80s with the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, and now it has a weekly version in the 305.

Inside the Downtown Media Center, Miami's New Indie Film Production Hub

Just last month, the FilmGate Interactive Media Festival had a ball at the University of Miami, where the fest hosted a series of film screenings, workshops, and virtual-reality and mixed-reality experiences. Now that the latest edition of the festival is in the rear-view mirror, what have the FilmGate Miami folks been up to? Turns out they’re opening a new space.