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*This is a motion capture live performance that will take place December 3rd, 2022 at 7PM at the Frost Science Museum. 


Country: Switzerland
Medium: Motion Capture Performance

Year: 2021

Creators: Gilles Jobin


Cosmogony is a live performance featuring three dancers who are motion captured live at Gilles Jobin Company’s studio in Geneva and screened in real time for a worldwide audience. The movements of the dancers are captured in Geneva, sliced up into digital ‘bits’ and sent instantaneously through cyberspace to appear as avatars, on screen and in real time for a live audience, thousands of miles away from the company’s studio.


The dancers’ bodies and their avatars are entangled like particles in a quantum state, performing spooky actions at a distance, their movements instantaneously teleported across the world. The dancers act as the puppeteers of their own bodies, animating their avatars in real time and composing the cosmogony of a world in suspension. In a cosmic space or in the heart of a virtual city, the moving bodies of the dancers break free from the laws of physics to the droning analog sounds of Swiss doom rock band Tar Pond, offering the audience a mesmerizing journey beyond reality.

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