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Filmmaker, Actor, Musician, Screenwriter, Portrait Artist and Producer. He is the current CEO of ARTISTAS LATINOS in the USA and Bolivia. 

He was the director, lead actor, screenwriter and editor of the successful movie “Engaño A Primera Vista” (Deceit At First Sight), which was an international success, and broke 12 years of box-office records in Bolivia. This accomplishment was marked by the innovation and creativity, alongside quality and great production value that highlighted the majestic nature of the city of La Paz with all its modern development and metropolitan advances. 

Yecid Jr. graduated with honors from Florida International University in the city of Miami, and he is currently involved in the creation and promotion of the Film Industry in Bolivia and the USA. Alongside his family, he has founded the Cinematographic Cultural Center, where many completely free seminars, courses and workshops are given on the subjects of filmmaking, production, film economics, personal development and many other subjects related to the cultural industries. 

Yecid Jr. has recently moved to Miami with an Extraordinary Talent Visa in order to direct his next film projects in the USA. 

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