meet antje dohrn and victoria luther 

Dr Antje Dohrn is a university-trained (Technical Universyity of Berlin) educator specialized in intra-cultural and language teaching, among them projects for the DAAD (Germany’s official international exchange program for students). Having worked both in Germany and France, she has an intimate knowledge and experience of presenting cultural and historic issues to a broad audience. In the first CALYPSO MEDIA project, “How Berlin Got the Blues”, the co-developed the approach, structure and script of the documentary and ultimately directed it.

Victoria Luther holds an M.A. in education (Boston University) and MBA (City University of Seattle) and has 25 years of experience as a senior manager at two global corporations. In this function, she has been in charge of the production and international distribution of 30plus company films and public private partnership projects in the U.S., Turkey, Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Israel, before serving as a producer for the CALYPSO MEDIA documentary “How Berlin Got the Blues.”