Born in Lima, Peru, on June 3rd 1990, Ursula Canovas took art as a passion since she was a child. During her childhood she wrote poems and stories. In her adolescence, when she moved to Miami, Ursula began to show interest in acting and film. As a result of this vocation, she entered in Prometeo, a theater school, where she remained for two years and participated in several plays, as an actress and art director. Then, the director role caught her attention, and as a result, she decided to focus on studying the Maisner technique. Later, in 2015, she entered in a film school, Center of Cinematography Arts and Television, where she is doing an associate degree in cinema. Mother of a five-year boy, Ursula Canovas has recently ventured into the big screen with his first shortflm, Anaphora (14 min), awarded with the prize of the audience in the Cinemaslam of Miami International Film Festival 2016.