Born and raised in Richmond, VA, Sruli spent his youth doodling and making short films with a Fisher-Price Pixelvision camera.

He graduated with honors from UT Austin's film program, as well as Animation Mentor, the pioneering online training program founded by animators at Pixar and Industrial Light & Magic. 

In 2013, he co-founded Shmideo with puppeteer Dovid Taub and writer DovBer Naiditch. Their crowdfunding campaign earned a top spot on the Indiegogo website, and HuffPost compared their subversive comedy to a "Jewish version of Monty Python." 

In 2016, he produced Help Me, First with director Mike Gasaway (Jimmy Neutron) and executive producer Tim League (Drafthouse Films). Co-starring genre favorite Lori Cardille (Day of the Dead), and featuring make-up by Pittsburgh's celebrated TolinFX (Mindhunter), the horror-short premiered to enthusiastic audiences at Fantastic Fest, the largest genre festival in the US.

In-production: The Grateful Yid: Once in a While You Get Shone the Light, a documentary about Chabad of San Francisco's partnership with Bill Graham, a child survivor of the Holocaust who became one of rock n' roll's most legendary personalities - with producers Stuart Wax and Saul Sudin (Punk Jews).