Peter Baloff

Peter Baloff has written and produced films and television series for most major studios and networks, including Universal, Disney, NBC and Fox. Over the past 25 years Peter has sold over a dozen screenplays (6 produced) and worked on numerous network television shows and network specials. Peter’s screenplay Quicksand; No Escape (Universal) won the Writers Foundation Award for Best Screenplay in 1992. His screenplay, The Undertaker (optioned at Miramax) was cited by the Writers Guild of America, West as one of the top ten unproduced comedies. Prior to entering the film industry, he had won the Norman Lear Award and David Library Award for playwriting.

Peter taught Screenwriting for the prestigious U.C.L.A. Writers’ Program and currently teaches Advanced Screenwriting for the highly respected New York Film Academy. Over the years he has served as an adjudicator for the Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival, an outstanding program, which cultivates nurturing mentorships between entertainment professionals and college students all across the country. In addition, Peter has lectured and served as a panelist at numerous well-known film festivals across the country. Peter earned his Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Florida where he received the Presidential Recognition Award and recently was honored with the Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award.