I was born in Havana, Cuba. I attended Playwriting in the College (Superior Institute of Arts) in Havana, Cuba. I became a young and ambitious creator in the class, mixing different technics: performance, media, music... At that time I remember working as professional musician in rock and pop bands in the country too. It was a time of great passion for that present, and a lot of rich experiences were going on me. I was working with different specialties: actors, musicians, designers, artists. It was a great experience that supports my current dynamism and multirole comprehension. After, I gave my time to the music production business and play in several cubans well known bands as drummer. In 2012 I founded Puntilla Films in Havana, a Media Content & Advertising Services company. Until now I'm totally involved in creative process with several great artist, brands and companies to grow their audiences and improve their visibility thru authentic products that grab the attention of mass and generate long term value. My goal is to inspire people, grow with my partners and tell the world about my ideas and my vision.