FilmGate Membership: Filmmaker

FilmGate Membership: Filmmaker

  • Production insurance available at only $400 per project

  • Up to 45% off select production resources listed here

  • Free 4-hour casting session once a year at the Downtown Media Center, only $20/hour on additional sessions

  • Reduced production meeting space Ideal for script reads and production meetings, $20/hour

  • Waived submissions fees to I’M NOT GONNA MOVE TO L.A. and the FilmGate Interactive Media Festival

  • Discounted tickets to workshops, screenings, and other events

  • Member-only networking events & advance film screenings

  • Face-to-face one (30 min) long Google Hangout consultation session or person (30 min sessions is $30). FilmGate can offer consultation on topics ranging from grant opportunities, project development, production, post production, marketing and film festival prep

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