Luis Paez

Luis Paez is a producer, audio engineer, voice actor, as well as being one of the members of the electronic music duo Shy Monster.

As an Engineer Luis has worked recording talent for shows like Pinky and the Brain, The Fairly Odd Parents, and South Park. Has worked as an audio editor for HBO and is now the Director of Audio Operations at Omni Advertising. Other Credits include HBO’s original film Gia, Weeds, Sanjay Gupta, The Hive, The Saint, City of Men, and Monica’s Gang. Working with clients such as Disney, Comedy Central, MTV Latin America, Lions Gate, and CNN Latino. Other clients include Honda ,Toyota, GMC, Cadillac, Buick, Subaru and more.

Luis also founded the music group Shy Monster along with his partner Hayden Blades. He's produced Shy Monster's Angle Shades Music Video which recently won
Best Music Video at the Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival 2019 and FilmGate's NOLA Music Video Edition. Luis and Shy Monster have received multiple honorable mentions for their score in "Equidistant", and "The Free Agent" Shy Monster has scored numerous films and games including Malabar which was acquired by HBO.

As a Voice Over Actor Luis has worked on shows like Cuban Chrome on Discovery Channel, as well as numerous commercials for national brands such as Spotify, McDonald's, Sprite, New Balance, Snickers, Vans, Hasbro, Harmonix and more.

Luis holds 3 degrees form Full Sail University, an Associate's of Science in Recording Arts, a Bachelor's in Music Business, and a Master's in Entertainment Business. Luis is a published writer for EA Sports' Crossfade Blog for his article on fusing record labels with video game companies, and has received the Bravo award from HBO operation's department.