Jason Bolling


Born in Baltimore, he left for the Coast Guard at age 17 and has been stationed at operational units in Boston, Virginia, New Jersey, Miami and North Carolina. While stationed aboard Coast Guard Cutters on active duty, Jason gained a firsthand understanding of the sea going service and its missions, serving as a Boarding Team Member, ship rescue swimmer, and ship engineer across the Northern Atlantic and Caribbean.  Jason spent much of his off duty time writing short stories. 

Once stationed in Miami he began to study Film Production with an arousing interest in the “Film Auteur" which is one that writes, produces and directs films.  He was a part of the HBO American Black Film Festival crew from 2004-2006.

Jason was nominated Federal Employee of the year by the South Florida Federal Executive Board for his EEO initiatives as the Civil Rights Officer at Coast Guard Sector Miami where he supported over 240 service members.  

In 2011, Jason graduated from Miami International University of Art and Design with a Master’s Degree in Film Production and has since worked on several independent films and television shows.

His thesis film, “SEMPER PARATUS” which portrays a day in the life of a Coast Guard boarding team, was an official selection at the G.I. Film Festival in Washington, DC. It was also screened in the Miami International Film Festival Cinema Slam.  Being the first Coast Guard centric film at the G.I. Film festival, SEMPER quickly gained a following and had many members of Coast Guard leadership in attendance at the screening. Including, Master Chief Petty Officer Vincent W. Patton, the former most senior enlisted member of the Coast Guard.

Jason currently works full time as a civilian with the Coast Guard Civil Engineering Unit in Miami and is deeply involved in local charities by building awareness with videographer support for organizations such as Planting Peace and the Florida Aids Walk.