#InstaGate FILMChallenge

#INSTAGATE WEEKLY FILM CHALLENGE - It's Russian Roulette meet Cards against Humanity meets Acting & Filmmaking. Every week we feed our bunch of creative weirdos and movie making misfits a film challenge. Some film challenges are craft specific making them extremely challenging but still fun. On FilmGate Fridays we will blast out the rules of the weekly challenge & the HASHTAG to add to your movie when posting on Instagram. Instagram limits you up to 60 seconds to do your challenge. Give it your best, In one week find out who wins. We'll be picking our favorites each week and making them Instagram Famous for a week. 


  • On Fridays aka FilmGate Fridays- posted on our website, Facebook and Twitter is the week's challenge and hashtag. 
  • Make an up to 60 second film based on that week's challenge. 
  • Upload it to Instagram, using that week's hashtag and tagging us (its the only way we can see it if your acct is private)  @FilmGate_Interactive
  • Check back on Friday as we announce that week's winner of #INSTAGATE WEEKLY FILM CHALLENGE
  • Throughout the week we will be buzzin about your film and you should as well. Bask in the glory of internet stardom. 

It's that simple. So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone, some friends, some props, and quit your day job because stardom is finally within reach! 


#FilmScoreAcapella2016, @Filmgate_Interactive

A video posted by @antonsimon1 on

There Will Be...Blood? @filmgate_interactive #ACTOUT2016

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  • How many times can I enter or post? Enter as many entries as you like. But there can only be 1 winner on Friday.
  • What happens if I win? We will contact you and ask for your other social media handles & an address or PO BOX - we might mail you something (hint, hint)
  • I entered the challenge and no one saw my film. Whats happening? If your account is (private), we wont be able to see it. make sure to follow our instagram @FilmGate_Interactive
  • When do #INSTAGATE Weekly Challenges start and finish? They start on FilmGate Fridays ( every Friday) and end the following Thursday at Midnight EST. 
  • Why is FilmGate doing this Challenge? Our Film collective can be rigid and are all about business. We decided to develop a program to ignite the creative spirit and with the price of admission being FREE. No need to register or Pay entry fees. 
  • Beyond having a good time making weird film centric videos, how does this challenge help me? Its great if you a a social blogger, an actor or filmmaker who is looking to find more of your kind of people, its a mini calling card for filmmakers who have a certain style or authorship to their works. And of course pumping up the heck out of your authentic Instagram following.
  • How challenging are the #Instagate Weekly Film Challenges? Well, lets put it this way. There are some challenges we expect no one to do. So there might be a week that no one can do the challenge. But thats the point, to see who has the intestinal fortitude to overcome. Its about the love of movies and the people who make movies happen.