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FilmGate Short Film Festival is a monthly film festival that has a different per month. 

We are a hybrid festival that will be showcasing the films to a LIVE Audience and Virtually. Tickets here are for the LIVE event and we can say that we are ready to host for our Florida family!

Discover our space at the heart of downtown located at 168 SE 1st Street, 3rd Floor, Miami, FL, 33131.

We will be hosting at both our Theater "El Oro" and our hall of media!

Network and have blast with Florida's film community!

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FilmGate Miami’s reimagined actor, writer, and industry meetup at the FilmGate Studios in Downtown Miami. Our mission is to craft, critic, and expand works and performances, coming from South Florida. Special guests will include casting agents, filmmakers, and distinguished media industry members. This weekly event will feature a read-through of screenplays and welcomes industry professionals to witness the talent Miami has to offer. 

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FilmGatos, are you feeling like you are stuck in a rut? That inspiration isn't coming your way? Feel like time is passing and your screenplay is not going anywhere?

As you know, we care for you and we've asked our amazing friend and professional writer/award-winning author and long term screenwriting professor, Crissa Jean-Chappell to guide you to the finish line.

Screenwriting is a lot of solitary work, but also learning structure and receiving thoughtful and gentle, yet firm feedback. We worked closely with Crissa to expand on our usual bootcamps to six classes, realizing that in and get ready for 6 classes that will help you manifest your dreams into a reality!

You will learn practical techniques, read essential screenwriting tips, and network with a community of passionate writers.

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