Hayden Blades

Hayden's infatuation with arts began as a child, but blossomed as he worked and studied as a theatrical technician, building sets, staging lights and tailoring costumes behind the scenes of several large-scale theater productions at the Youth Performing Arts School in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Soon after high school Hayden moved to Phoenix Arizona to develop his design and animation abilities at UAT in Tempe, graduated with a Bachelors of Multimedia Arts, and formed Synthetic Human Pictures with David Matteson and Stephen Krystek. After creating over a dozen short films and music videos with his production team, Hayden moved to south Florida in 2015 to pursue a career in editing and motion graphics for advertising.

Hayden has used his eye for detail and composition as gaffer and assisting in the direction of photography for all Synthetic Human films, as well as editing and titling, and continues to create music videos for Shy Mosnter and The Instruction. His abilities are not exclusive to film making though, as he is a seasoned painter and musician who excels in modular synthesis. Since his move to Florida, he has teamed up with Luis Paez to start a proper band-- Shy Monster. They've gone on to score several short and feature films currently playing on HBO and Amazon Prime. His attention to dramatic visual pacing and composition, and his ear for sound design and musical composition has netted him many awards for Best Editing, Best Sound Design, Best Cinematography, Best Score and Best Picture at multiple festivals around the US, as well as Addy and Telly Awards for his work in advertising