Glades is an interactive, abstract representation of human introduced impacts on the Everglades ecosystem. People’s body movement form toxic blue algae on a simulated water surface, an invasive python wraps around your silhouette while an Anhinga moves freely about the space.

CREATED BY: Nick Hardeman



Nick Hardeman is a visual artist and programmer born, raised and currently living in Miami, FL. He is a graduate of the MFA Design+Technology program at Parsons The New School for Design. Nick’s work blends his love for making physical marks with dynamic, interactive digital landscapes that provoke curiosity and encourage play. Nick’s work ranges from immersive full body installations, physics based music visualizers to algorithmically controlled drawing machines. Nick is constantly looking for playful, unique methods to marry programming output with conventional techniques like water color painting.

He contributes to open source coding toolkits such as OpenFrameworks that are designed to assist artists.

Professionally, he is the Minister of Interactive Art at Design I/O, a small studio focused on creating immersive interactive installations.


*in competition: Best VR 2018 Pink Kraken Award

What if virtual reality could be used to create something other than escapism or simulation? What if VR has the ability to evoke the deepest empathy towards the life of a fellow human? Could the technology provide us with a unifying point of contact, rather than separating us from our lives and from each other? Virtual reality is championed for its ability to present a world we would otherwise never see. But could it also envelope us in a world we would otherwise never feel?

CREATED BY: Natasha Babenko, Alexia Kyriakopoulos, Aayushman Pandey



Natasha Babenko is a filmmaker based in NYC. After obtaining Master’s in French and English Interpretation and International PR, she chose to pursue her passion for filmmaking. Her first works successfully competed in the festivals around the world. She believes that human vulnerability can create a deep intimate connection among people especially when it is audaciously and intensively explored through the medium of film. She is currently in pre-production of her thesis film at New York University Tisch School of the Arts where for the last 3 years she was pursuing MFA in Film and Television.

She likes sad films and dreams that are more real than reality.



Alexia Kyriakopoulos holds an MPS in Interactive Technology and a BS in Marketing Communications and Psychology. After graduating with honors from Emerson College in Boston, she worked for FOX Digital Studios where she was assisting the V.P of Branded Entertainment to build the framework for the company’s new branded content segment and expand the studio’s digital content portfolio. At FOX, she worked with several brands such as Trident, Chipotle and AOL to develop co-funding opportunities for branded content digital series and films. In 2015, Alexia started working for Ogilvy & Mather as a Digital Executive where she worked on several accounts such as IKEA and FAGE, and managed all creative content strategies across digital platforms. During graduate school at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, she developed a passion for storytelling through new media and has since focused on creating VR and AR experiences. Her first VR film “Normal Day,” an interactive VR documentary based on the life of a breast cancer patient, has received several distinctions in film festivals around the world as well as a Faculty Commendation for VR Filmmaking from NYU. She also maintains a deep love for traditional filmmaking and has managed the development and pre-production of a new feature film directed by the award-winning Greek director Stefanos Sitaras. Alexia is currently working on her new interactive VR Film “Sygnomi” which explores the subject of domestic abuse and is a Creative Producer at ARVORE Immersive Experiences.


Aayushman Pandey is a filmmaker from Mumbai. His film “A Day in the Life” won a Bronze Medal at the 2012 New York Film & Television Festival. He works in advertising film production, and has worked on ads involving sumo wrestlers, circuses, and Queen Elizabeth II lookalikes (unfortunately never at once). He doesn’t talk much. People have frequently mistaken him for Lurch from the Addam’s Family, although childhood friends remember him more as the child from the Omen. Aayush is currently pursuing an MFA in Cinema Studies at NYU Tisch School of the Arts where he met his collaborators Natasha and Alexia. Together, they embarked on the journey that was “Normal Day.”


More than half of the current human population in Miami has been born abroad, and people continue to immigrate at escalating rates. What does it mean to put down roots, especially when modern families and friends are bound together by the internet? Can VR and XR blur geographic lines? This experience explores these questions, via a mix of interviews, Photogrammetry, and Augmented Reality.

CREATED BY: Felipe Aguilar

PROGRAMMING: Robert Silverberg


Felipe Aguilar is an award winning artist, creating emotionally engaging projects that explore the realm between fiction and reality, using photography, film, and emerging technologies like AR and VR. His commissions include projects for The Government of Colombian, USAID, and NatGeo, and his independent projects have been present at festivals like the Berlinale, the Cannes Short Film Corner, Imagine Science Films, and FilmGate Interactive. Currently working in the US and Colombia.


A virtual reality, interactive dance film inspired by the natural interdependence of the Ghost Orchid, the Sphinx Moth, and an environmental activist.

CREATED BY: Kim Grinfeder, Juan Carlos Zaldívar, Zeven Rodriguez


Born in Cuba, Zaldívar (a.k.a. Violenta Flores) lives in the US. Zaldivar has an MFA from NYU, one of the places where Zaldivar has also taught film and sound design. Notable directing credits include: "90 Millas" (PBS), "The Story of the Red Rose" (Showtime), "Palingenesis", "Soldiers Pay" (IFC; co-directed with David O. Russell), & Assoc. Prod. of “A History of Cuban Dance” (Sundance 2016; SXSW; WithIn); the follow up documentary (2017) to the Win Wenders’ Academy Award Nominated documentary, "The Buena Vista Social Club" (1999). Zaldivar has recently completed the multi media, VR project entitled “SwampsScapes” with Liz Miller and Kim Grinfeder and is in developing additional VR content and a fiction feature film.


A virtual reality 3D painting performance and immersive art experiences connecting with the Inner Light.

CREATED BY: Alissa Christine