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Fireside Chats & Virtual Portal Exhibits

Saturday, December 4th - DMC - (10 AM to 12 PM)

10 AM: Panel for My Day Will Come with Adrian Melendez Lozano, Director of Habesha Project, and Juan Manuel de la Rosa López, Legal Coordinator of USCRI Mexico. 

*For VIP guests, after the Fireside Chats, we will be taking a party bus from the Downtown Media Center to O Cinema at 12 p.m.

Installations at the DMC:

Saturday, December 4 (10 AM to 8 PM) - Sunday, December 5 (10 AM to 5 PM)


Kaiju Decode, First Contact

Country: Japan

Creators: S/N, Director; Tetsuya Yamada, Writer

Medium: VR (Oculus Quest 2)

Year: 2021


This is a story about a girl named Mil who encounters, plays, and interacts with a Kaiju (Big Monster). This project is a VR animation film that can be watched from three viewpoints; the audience's perspective(default), the Kaiju's perspective, and Mil's perspective.


Jailbirds, Bwa Kayiman

Country: Belgium 

Creators: Thomas Villepoux, Director; Digital Rise, Producer

Medium: VR 

Year: 2021


Despite his hellish prison cell and the constant suffering, Felix the good giant always seeks the bright side of life. His bullet-proof serenity infuriates the vicious Chief-Warden who has sworn to uncover the inmate's secret and eradicate his happiness once and for all. A fantastic tale on the price of freedom.


Marco Polo Go Around

Country: Canada, Belgium 

Creators: Gregory Kaufman & Benjamin Steiger Levine, Writers; Benjamin Steiger Levine, Director

Medium: VR

Year: 2021


A comedic love story with a very surreal twist. The user is invited to participate in a couple's relationship as their world actually falls apart around them.




Country: UK

Creators: Barry Gene Murphy & May Abdalla, Directors

Medium: VR (Oculus Quest 2)

Year: 2021


Through mind-bending animation, award-winning Goliath: Playing with Reality explores the limits of reality in this true story of so-called 'schizophrenia' and the power of gaming communities. Echo (narrated by Academy Award-winning actress Tilda Swinton) will guide through the many realities of Goliath.


The Changing Same

Country: US

Creators: Michèle Stephenson & Joe Brewster & Yasmin Elayat, Directors

Medium: VR (Oculus Quest)

Year: 2021


A magical-realistic immersive, room-scale VR experience where you travel through time and space to explore the last 400 years of American history of racial injustice (on the 400th anniversary of slavery in the US). It's a respectful, poetic story infused with magical realism and Afrofuturism.


There You Are

Country: US

Creators: Rong Deng, Creative Director/Game Designer/Programmer/Writer; Rui Huang, Concept Artist/3D Artist/Lighting Artist/Co-Writer

Medium: Downloadable Game for Windows or Mac

Year: 2021


An exploratory narrative game that features stop-motion-inspired graphic design and two endings from the player's choices and actions. In this game, the player will role-play the girl, Su, to deal with her father's relationship to move away from the past and accept the loss of her mom.




Country: Canada

Creator: Pietro Gagliano, Executive Producer

Medium: VR (Oculus Rift) + VR Computer Ready

Year: 2020


Would you interfere with intelligent life? Agence is an interactive experience that places the fate of artificially intelligent creatures in your hands. In their simulated universe, you have the power to observe, and to interfere. Maintain the balance of their peaceful existence or throw them into a state of chaos as you move from planet to planet. 



Country: Canada

Creator: Matt DesLauriers, Concept/Design/Code

Medium: Web Based

Year: 2021


A web-based generative art game that takes the player on a contemplative cause-and-effect journey through nature. Combining artificial intelligence, machine learning and generative processes, each experience is as unique and ephemeral as nature itself. Players move a mystical character through the landscape in search of poetic tokens which, when activated, reveal words hidden in the wind. 


My Day Will Come

Country: Mexico 

Creators: Maxime Pluvinet & César Ortiz López, Directors

Medium: Computer 

Year: 2021


Sarahy is a young woman from Honduras who, fearful for her life after being extorted by and receiving death threats from organized crime in her country, is forced to leave home and seek asylum in the United States with her husband and young daughter. Alas, this promise of change is frustrated by one of the Trump administration’s most controversial immigration policies.


Music United

Country: US

Creator: Jose Veliz and Gonzalo Meija, Directors

Medium: Tablet/Interactive Live Performance 

Year: 2021


Music United is an original interactive musical experience that allows audiences to explore themes of togetherness and loneliness while controlling different ensembles in person and remotely. A composition performed across different locations, streamed together creating a unified piece. With the ability to personalize the music, all types of audiences can enjoy the Music United experience. *Live performance on Saturday, December 4th, from 3 PM to 4 PM

168 SE 1st Street, Miami, FL 33131
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