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Vice President, Brand & Platform Design, Magic Leap

As Vice President of Brand & Platform Design at Magic Leap, Rebecca leads a team of designers, technologists, and researchers in delivering the enterprise market a highly-performant and beautifully-crafted augmented reality platform, OS and interaction model. Prior, she led the Experience team, concepting and developing immersive location-based experiences for premium partners in both consumer and enterprise markets. In 2019, she teamed up with ATT, HBO and Framestore for Game of Thrones “Dead Must Die,” which brought mixed reality to consumer retail for the first time. She served as Executive Producer of Tónandi—an award-winning interactive audio-visual experience made in partnership with the band Sigur Rós. Since graduating from Carnegie Mellon and starting her career at EMI-Capitol Records 18 years ago, she’s been fortunate to introduce the power of new, transformative technologies to beloved brands, businesses and artists of all walks. Rebecca is passionate and committed to mentoring young women in tech, and currently serves as executive sponsor of the Magic Leap Women's Inclusion Network.



Executive Growth and Brand Consultant for New Media, the Chief Growth Officer for HerMoney and the former Deputy Editorial Director for the NY Times’ T Brand Studio.

Jessica Patel is an award-winning executive growth and brand consultant for new media. As former deputy editor of T Brand Studio at The New York Times, she has created stories for Netflix, Bleeker Street Media, Oppenheimer, AIG, Gap Inc. and more. With a background in journalism and digital brand integration, she is a start-up junkie who follows online market trends, and has helped launch and guide multiple companies in the editorial space. She is currently Chief Growth Officer at HerMoney Media.



Music Supervisor, Battlescar

With deep roots within Chicano soul and a youth spent in the Cha Cha dance crew/DJ scene that merged out of East LA in the mid-90’s, Leah was inspired to open The Lucky Cat bar/restaurant in Williamsburg, NYC (‘03) as part of the DIY scene that was actively emerging at the time.  Leah brought her music relationships and legal expertise (JD, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law ‘01) into advertising; first as a music supervisor at a music house and then ultimately as head of the music department at J. Walter Thompson (‘09). Leah then developed a roster including Michael Kors, Coach, Sephora and Vogue. In 2011, Leah kicked off her film career with “We Are Young” and Sundance’s Audience Award winner, “Sleepwalk with Me.”  Since then, Leah has worked on numerous projects, including Berlinale's 2nd place Audience Award-winning and Cine Arte Magazine #1 ranked doc of the decade, “Chavela;” the soon-to-be-released Sterlin Harjo doc “Love and Fury” featuring Native artists in the US and the just-released “Here Comes Rusty” starring the late Colonel Bruce Hampton.  In addition to traditional film, Leah has added VR to her work with the Annie nominated VR film, “BattleScar” and the upcoming VR music piece “Evolver” featuring RZA.  Beyond music supervision, she is also a producer on the “Bros” web-series and an active board member of the Golden Hornet organization founded by Graham Reynolds.


Digital Artist, Spaced Out

Pierre “Pyaré” Friquet is a digital artist based in France and India who creates immersive experiences. Fascinated by immersive technologies since 2010, Pyaré has created more than a dozen VR fictions, documentaries, music videos, and dome- and location-based experiences. His VR original fiction (co-created with Ando Shah) Jet Lag won the Best Live-Action Experience Award at the Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival.


Multi-disciplinary designer and technologist working in XR

She's currently Principal Designer at Magic Leap, a Florida-based spatial computing startup with $2.6 billion in funding. For 5 years at Magic Leap, Savannah has designed, prototyped, and shipped a wide range of hardware and software products, with 20+ patent applications and grants. She continues to contribute as a multidisciplinary leader across design, technology, and strategy roles. Currently, Savannah leads interaction design and prototyping for Magic Leap's core hardware and software platforms.

Savannah graduated in 2015 with her Master's from the Media Lab at MIT, where she received full funding in Dr. Andy Lippman's Viral Spaces group.


Savannah has served as a juror at SIGGRAPH for 3 years, and has been honored to speak at a number of XR-industry events, including the keynotes for MUTEK, Laval Virtual, and the World Usability Congress.


Executive Director, FilmGate Miami

Diliana Alexander is the Executive Director of FilmGate Miami, an organization which empowers Florida’s visual storytellers and delivers a range of multidisciplinary programs in film, digital media, interactive and immersive content, virtual and augmented reality. She is especially interested in the convergence of art, science and technology. Diliana began her careers in Canada as a producer, where she worked for CBC, HGTV, the Learning Channel and Showtime. She teaches film at Florida International University and is directing a feature film based on the young adult novel NARC, written by Florida book award winner Crissa Jean Chappell.