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The coastline of Chocó in the Colombian Pacific, is one of those places on earth where nature is still in control. The dense jungle, a chlorophyll colossus, confronts the sea, which won't relinquish an inch and pushes back powerfully; great waves with their momentum gathered by whale’s songs and splashes. From above the rain falls hard, sometimes for days, and thunder frequently lulls the kids to sleep. The people born here are born tough, but also serene and with a particular rhythm brought to life by their constant contact with nature. “POTENTE” reveals fascinating fragments of everyday life in this region of the world and it’s people, using large format photography and augmented reality.

Please download the “Potente” App (iPhone or Android) to enjoy the Augmented Reality experience with the following images. Print them or scan them with your phone aiming at this screen.

CREATED BY: Felipe Aguilar

YEAR: 2017

13 Photograps (dimensions variable) +

Mobile Augmented reality application.

Potente has been exhibited in Colombia, USA, Cuba and France.




Felipe Aguilar (Bogotá, Colombia, 1977) develops emotionally engaging projects that explore the definition of the realm between fiction and reality; using photography, film, and emerging technologies like Augmented Reality. His collaborations and commissions include projects with The Government of Colombian, The United Nations, USAID, Sony Music, and NatGeo. His independent projects have been present at festivals like The Berlinale, The Cannes Short Film Corner, Imagine Science Cinema, NewImages Paris, Filmgate Interactive, and recently the first exhibition in space by BJP's Portrait of Humanity.


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Paired is an Augmented Reality short film that delves into the lives of two socks, Saul and Sadie. These two “solemates” do everything together around Randy’s feet and are finding a monotony to their relationship, but when they are separated from each other at the laundromat, Sadie and Saul find themselves plunged into the world of lost misfit clothes and along their adventures, they learn the value of taking risks and learn to truly appreciate their partnership.

DIRECTORS: J.C. Diaz & Andres Rovira


RUNTIME: 8 minutes




J.C. Diaz is a Cuban American, LA-based digital content creator by night and by day is a Digital Innovation Product Lead at the Walt Disney Company, where he leads cross-functional teams to discover, test, and develop innovative products and experiences in the emerging technology spaces (AR, VR, NLP, AI) for Parks and Consumer Products. In 2016, he worked at Littlstar VR and launched the popular app for Playstation VR. In 2017, he launched the Movies Anywhere platform and apps at the Walt Disney Studios. In 2019, he launched ShopDisney’s very first AR experience in partnership with LEGO. In 2020, he co-directed, co-wrote, and fully developed Paired Studios’ very first AR short story called Paired, which tells the story of lost socks, who learn the value of taking risks in life and how to appreciate the true love of “solemates.”



Andres Rovira is a Cuban American, LA-based filmmaker whose writing/directing work spans films, shorts and branded content for Forbes, UCLA Health, Bacardi, J. Wakefield Brewing, Inman, and B12 Love. In 2018, he wrote/directed his first feature film, “Between the Darkness,” starring Lew Temple and Danielle Harris, available on Amazon Prime. In 2019, he created and directed the first documentary series for Forbes8, “Titans on the Rocks,” and created the docuseries “Indie Nation,” chronicling filmmakers in Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria. His scripts have placed in the 2020 Sundance Episode Fellowship (Finalist), the 2016 Austin Film Festival (Finalist) and the Academy Nicholl Fellowship (Semi-Finalist). He’s always looking for his next filmmaking adventure.


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Never drop ball on climate change

Climate Change Pinball is a volumetric mixed-reality experience on climate adaptation and resilience. The game promotes climate education in a fun and interactive manner by showing players not only the consequences of environmental negligence, but also the benefits of caring for the environment by listening to the young voices in our society, and promoting collaboration to resist the effects of climate on our planet, all within the context of a pinball game. The experience will use a Magic Leap headset as well as a custom-built haptic controller.




Kim Grinfeder is a multidisciplinary media maker and storyteller who uses emergent technologies to practice new ways to communicate social and environmental issues. He received a master's degree from New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program in 2000. In 2003, Kim joined the School of Communication at the University of Miami. Today he chairs the Department of Interactive Media and is an associate professor. He teaches immersive storytelling, digital media, web design, and emerging narratives.



Zevensuy Rodriguez is a prototyper and designer based in Miami, FL. He graduated with a BA from the University of Miami in 2007 and received his Master’s from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication program in 2011. After graduating he was recruited as a resident fellow and instructor at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). In 2012 he founded Howlin’ Wolves, a prototyping and fabrication company based in Brooklyn, NY. His clients included, amongst others, Macy’s and Standard Transmission as well as collaborations with renowned artists such as Kara Walker and Stephanie Rothenberg. He is currently faculty at the University of Miami Department of Interactive Media where he teaches courses on physical computing and creative coding. His research focuses on tangible interfaces for networked computational objects exploring the intersection of digital and physical experiences.



Manouj is a software developer and interaction designer with expertise in virtual and augmented technologies. He graduated with an MFA in Interactive Media in 2019 from the University of Miami where his studies centered around creating applications for multiple XR platforms as well as gesture tracking applications, motion capture, volumetric capture, UI/UX engineering, and HCI research. He is currently working for the University of Miami Gordon Center creating next-generation health care training & simulation applications for XR devices.



Lorena Lopez is an interaction and immersive experience designer born in Havana, Cuba, and based out of Miami, FL. She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Art in 2014 and is currently completing her Masters of Fine Arts at the University of Miami’s Interactive Media program in the School of Communication. Her design focuses on using digital and physical interactions to fully immerse users in experiences to not only entertain, but also educate. Her goal is to use these techniques to enhance and transform the user experience of museums and other educational spaces.