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Filmmaker Bootcamp with Manuel Lombardi

Our beloved Filmmaker Bootcamp series returns in April with a new four-week class on directing! This is an amazing introduction for anybody looking to break into filmmaking, plus a good chance for more experienced directors to hone their craft and learn from an expert.

Manuel Lombardi is a professional video producer original from Venezuela, who has produced content across Europe, Latin America, and the United States.

3/23 Intro to Directing - Understand the role of the director, analyze classic films, practice basic scene direction
3/30 Directing Image and Sound - Understand the relationship of director and cinematographer, identify the role of every crew member in directing a scene, learn how to conceptualize visual & audio needs of a story before shooting
4/06 Subtext - Discover how to present story and theme through film, practice shooting and editing a real scene
4/13 Film Ettiquette and Practice - Understand how to work with others while mantaining a creative vision, more practice directing and shooting content

FilmGate Miami will provide all the equipment necessary.


$5 Valet/5 hours flat-- $10 after

PK 1 @ Courtyard Mariott (200 SE 2nd St, Miami FL 33131)

Bring your ticket for validation.We hightly recommend you valet at this parking lot, it is cheapest and most convenient in the area. DO NOT park in lot next to our building