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FILMGATE IMPROV BOOTCAMP ◉ Downtown Miami Weekend Edition - Showcase your natural talent & command the room - starts JAN 12th

By public demand, FILMGATE MIAMI and JEFF QUINTANA PERFORMING ARTS will bring to the Downtown Media Center the Improv Bootcamp you have been waiting for!

This bootcamp is for people of ANY LEVEL interested in growing as actors and humans. We will focus on skills to improve confidence, conversation, focus, listening, acting for comedy, acting for drama and on camera. Whether you are a veteran of the stage or brand new this workshop will benefit you!

Each week we will cover the following topics:

WEEK ONE: Scene Work (JAN 12)

Focus on the anchor of any great scene in film or on stage, the 2 person scene dynamic. Using techniques from various schools of thought from Chicago and New York. Students will gain skills in listening, responding, confidence, emotion, specifics, context and more.

WEEK TWO: Characters (JAN 19)

Focus on character development and commitment. Here students will create both real and extremely unreal characters which grab the attention of any audience. No surface level characters here, only quick jumps into characters with so much depth you'll be surprised they were only Created a moment before.

WEEK THREE: Group Work (JAN 26)

Focus on group improvisation which helps to build awareness and team work both on and off stage. Complicated movements all the sudden become simple when we can accept and build off what is happening instead of trying to control what happens.

WEEK FOUR: Show Play (FEB 2)

Focus on directing, editing, and presenting the show in a way that is digestible for any audience while also being artistically challenging and satisfying for the audience. Putting everything we do into action with a graduation show that evening for the paying public.

Instructor Bio:

Jeff Quintana has been performing since 2003. He has trained and performed at some of the biggest comedy theaters including iO Chicago, The Magnet Theater, Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre NYC, The Peoples Improv Theater NYC, The Annoyance Theatre Chicago, Second City and more. Jeff has been an instructor for Annoyance Theatre, iO Theater, and the Playground Theatre in Chicago. He continues to work in Miami to create new and innovative theater through emotional vulnerability. Follow Your Fear and grow.


$5 Valet/5 hours flat-- $10 after

PK 1 @ Courtyard Mariott (200 SE 2nd St, Miami FL 33131)

Bring your ticket for validation.We hightly recommend you valet at this parking lot, it is cheapest and most convenient in the area. DO NOT park in lot next to our building