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FILMMAKER BOOTCAMP MIAMI • Make a Feature film in Florida - SEPT 2018 Only at @filmgatemiami

In this four-week bootcamp, you will learn the steps to make an independent feature film, led by the team behind the Miami-made fiction feature film Huracán, currently in post-production! Breakfast is included.

Week 1: Development & Pre-Production — we will review the writing, budgeting, scheduling & fundraising of a low budget feature film!

Week 2: How A Director Prepares — a deep dive into how a director prepares. Assembling visual and tonal references, creating a shotlist, storyboarding, working with actors… a full overview of the director’s preparation.

Week 3: Production — we will have a shoot where a full professional camera kit is built and used, alongside the necessary audio components to record everything you would need on a shooting day, as well as review the different roles involved in production and strategies for crewing up.


Week 4: Post-Production & Release— we will explore the world of post, including everything that has to happen (from music and sound design to color and VFX) to complete your film. We will also examine the different release strategies available to independent filmmakers, including film festivals, and individually develop plans of action for how to build a successful career as a filmmaker.




Please valet park in lot PK1 at Courtyard Marriott (200 SE 2nd Street Miami FL 33131 ) 

Bring in your ticket for validation $5/5 hours (cash only) $10 after 

Do not park in the lot next to our buiding. This is the cheapest and most convenient way of parking!