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FILMGATE MIAMI ACTOR BOOTCAMP course - learn what to do the moment you get a role and script #MiamiActor

In this four-week course, you will take the next step toward developing the “inner-game” of acting that will distinguish you as a serious, professional actor. From the audition process through your performance on stage or film, you will learn what skills are necessary to consistently get the part and deliver the kind of “truthful acting” that sets you apart. Workshop will be led by award-winning writer and director Peter Baloff, MFA


WEEK ONE: Removing the obstacles and embracing the character. This class involves discovery exercises with one-minute monologues (provided).

WEEK TWO: Developing courage. Trusting your emotions and mind in action. More discovery exercises with monologues (provided).

WEEK THREE: Finding the immediate objectives and translating them into meaningful transactions. The class involves contextual exercises with two-person scenes (provided).

WEEK FOUR: Getting the part. Auditioning exercises. The simple auditioning habits of professionals. Learning how to “own” the role by sharing your infinitely complex life experiences.

FilmGate Miami $5 parking is located at the PK1 valet parking at the Mariott Hotel. Address is: 200 SE 2nd ST Miami, FL 33131

Once you arrive at the DOWNTOWN MEDIA CENTER , dial #400 on the keypad so that you can enter. Then take the elevator up to the 3rd floor.

Seats are limited, so register today!