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FILMGATE MIAMI VR BOOTCAMP : Unity 3D Fundamentals ◉ set up a scene, create basics lighting, textures, VR in Unity for Oculus


Learn the fundamentals of Unity, familiarize yourself with the environment, set up a scene, create basics lighting and using materials and textures, VR in Unity for Oculus using VRTK


1. Learning the Unity Interface - Navigation, Project Management and Pipeline.

2. Lighting in Unity - Directional, Skybox, Realtime and Global Illumination.

3 Scene building in Unity -Materials and Textures, Colliders, Rigid Bodies and Terrain.

4 Animation in Unity - Basic Primer on Getting Started with Animation

VR Fundamentals in Unity (2 Hours)

1 Using the Oculus SDK - Installing and Testing Basic Oculus Features in VR.

2. Using VRTK - Installing and learning basic interactions with VRTK (Grabbing, opening doors, character movement)


Parking info: Please Valet it PK1 Parking (Curtyard Marrot Hotel) 200 Se 2nd St, Miami, Fl 33131

$5/5hr flat rate. Bring your ticket for validation.