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Opening Keynote

By Kent Bye, Voices of VR


For the 10th anniversary of Filmgate Interactive, we’re tackling the theme of REGENERATE X: Remix X, Reimagine X, Revive X. In an era where the echoes of past upheavals reverberate loudly, "REGENERATE X" emerges as a call for collective reinvention— whether through ecological rejuvenation, audacious reimagining of aesthetic paradigms in arts and culture, or resilience and resurgence post COVID. And with the evolution of generative AI, we're reminded that regeneration isn't always a return to a former state: regeneration can radically redefine. Setting the tone for FilmGate Interactive X, this panel will posit how art and technology are vital agents in any process of renewal. 

Panel I Transforming Education with Immersive Technology

Our panelists will delve into the next frontier of learning, exploring how technologies like XR and AI are reshaping the educational landscape, uncovering the potential of immersive tech to engage students, enhance comprehension, and create experiences that were once the stuff of science fiction. 

  • Dr. Stacey Long-Genovese, Snap 

  • Denise Mendez, Microsoft 

  • Joel Krieger, Magic Leap

  • Giselle Ricur, M.D, UM

  • Mauricio Ferrazza, MAGIC| Miami Dade College 

  • Moderated by: Tom Merrick, UM

Workshop presented by Snapchat I  Creating AI Agents on your mobile phone with Lens Studio

Mitchell Kuppersmith and Snap will host a workshop demonstrating and empowering participants to experiment with large language model-based AI agents using on your mobile phone using Snapchat and Lens Studio.


Rony Abovitz, founder of Magic Leap, presents Hour Blue World and Yellow Dove Aftermath, in collaboration with Wētā Workshop

Yellow Dove Aftermath is the first animated short film from the Hour Blue World Storyworld, an original world and mythopoeia developed by Director and technologist Rony Abovitz, in collaboration with Sir Richard Taylor and his Academy Award winning team at Weta Workshop in New Zealand (Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit, Avatar, District 9). 


Following the showing of Yellow Dove Aftermath, Rony will present the ongoing work in building the Hour Blue World, including a preview trailer developed by Weta that hints at many things to come. The discussion will cover the idea of a Storyworld, the characters, many pieces of original and new concept art, as well as the novel computational intelligence system that is being developed to drive the growth of this world and its related media.

Frost Science Planetarium Dome Experiences & Cocktail  (VIP)

Address by: Commissioner Eileen Higgins, Commissioner Marco Giron, Diliana Alexander (ED, Filmgate Miami), Kim Grinfeder (UM) , Douglas Roberts (ED, Frost Science Museum), Grace Lee (TAICCA), Camille Jean Jean (Villa Albertine), & Linda Baltuonis-Buaquina, (Canadian Cultural Atache).


Panel I Mixed Reality for Good
In partnership with WITH


While games have served as an escape from reality, they have very real intersections with the world around us. Our panelists will explore the intersection of games and contemporary social issues, from misinformation / disinformation to representation, decolonizing design, and health interventions. 

  • Moderated by Lindsay Grace, University of Miami

  • Andy Phelps, American University

  • Karen Vanderborght, 360DOP

Panel | How is Mixed Reality Improving Outcomes and Equity

In partnership with WITH 

  • Azizi A. Seixas, UM - AI and AR 

  • Greta Mitzova-Vladinov UM - nursing simulation 

  • Dr. Yanerys Leon UM - training in VR - outcomes and equity 

  • Amelia Winger- Bearskin, Banks Preeminence Chair, University of Florida

  • Dr. Judite Blanc

  • Moderated by Sanjeev Chatterjee, UM

Museums I Immersive Digital Strategies

In this panel, we explore the future of museum experiences where the boundaries between the physical and the digital blur, offering visitors unprecedented ways to engage with art, history, and culture. As Extended Reality (XR) technologies evolve, they present a realm of possibilities for museums to rejuvenate exhibits, create interactive narratives, and reach global audiences in transformative ways. This panel gathers museum curators, digital strategists, and XR pioneers to delve into the next generation of museum storytelling. Explore case studies of museums that have successfully integrated XR, discuss the challenges faced in merging tech with traditional spaces, and envision the endless opportunities for immersive cultural engagement. Whether it's a holographic tour guide, an augmented artifact or a virtual reality journey through ancient worlds, discover how XR is redefining the way we engage with history, art, and science.

  • Yves Ubelmann, Iconem

  • Alessandra Bogi, Lucid Realities, France 

  • Doug Roberts, ED Frost Science Museum 

  • Karen Mathews, UM

  • Moderated by: Lorena Lopez, UM

Reel Impact: Movies that Drive Social Change

  • Quiet Rooms by Eric Gordon, Engagement Lab, Emerson College

 Films created in collaboration with AI @Cosford Cinema (UM)

In partnership with WITH and Media for Change 


Opening Keynote by Rebecca Barkin, LAMINA 1

Are we out of the new frontier??? Production and Distribution with New Media - AI

For so long we’ve been roaming the “new frontier”, but immersive is an established category now. Yet production and distribution challenges for new formats are still a reality. In this panel, industry pioneers and experts come together to share insights on the business of creating and distributing new content– including the opportunities, the challenges, the innovations, the good, the bad and the ugly. 

  • Fred Volhuer, Atlas V

  • Carol Giordano, Seconde Nature and ZINC associations (Marseille)

  • Rebecca Barkin, LAMINA 1

  • Carlos Fueyo, Creative Director EDGLRD

  • Elbert Perez, Unity

  • Moderated by: Diliana Alexander

Visionary forecasts (wild-ass guesses) on the future of immersive

We’re living in an era where the speed of technological advancement (and hype) frequently blurs the line between imagination and reality: Tomorrow is apparently today. In this panel, we invite a few of our favorite futurists to give us their predictions and insights on what’s coming next in immersive / experiential technology.


Soundtrack for the Future: How XR and AI are reshaping music

From immersive soundscapes that transcend traditional listening experiences to AI-generated compositions that challenge our notions of creativity, this panel explores the cutting-edge innovations at the intersection of technology and music. Discover how the symphony of the future might be a blend of human genius and algorithmic artistry, and how XR environments are setting the stage for groundbreaking musical performances. Prepare to redefine your understanding of music in the digital age.


TAIWAN SPOTLIGHT: Taiwan Creator Talk
In partnership with Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) 

Join five visionary creators / representatives as they unravel the secrets behind their creative process. Explore the minds behind cutting-edge immersive content and gain exclusive insights into the imaginative world of Taiwanese creators shaping the future of storytelling and technology.

  • Wen-Yee Hsieh, Director of "Limbotopia in Dome" & "Limbotopia in VR"

  • Ping-Sheng Wu, Creator of "Folding Harmonies"

  • Ning Tsai, Creator of "Monologue: Whisper"

  • Fish Wang, Director of "Red Tail"

  • Ellen Kuo, International Contact of "All That Remains" and "Over the Rainbow"

TAIWAN SPOTLIGHT: Tech Pitches with a Live Audience

New Narratives Lab Pitches (French Caribbean and Miami collaboration) with feedback, in partnership with the Nouveaux Regards Film Festival and the French Consulate of Miami.

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