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Film Set


Let's get you started with what we offer for our mostly used Professional needs. We are currently based in Downtown Miami. Easily accessible. We have several productions offices available. A newsletter for cast & crew call outs. We provide Film Production Insurance discounted sale to members of FilmGate.


In the same building is Heiga AudioVisual Studios for your post sound needs. We have our own private database of verified highly recommended crew in the city. We pride ourselves to assisting film productions that come into town to shoot and that wish to alleviate costs by renting gear locally and hiring locally. It's all we have been doing since 2012.

Helping Hands


We are seeking volunteers to help us with our programs.  We are looking for lovers of film, interactive storytelling, new technology and creative ideas.  If you are interested in joining our team, please fill out the form below.  


FilmGate members receive access to discounted production resources and services from local Miami retailers. They save up to 45% on cameras rentals, grip & lighting, casting, catering, hotels and everything else you need to make your film project a reality.  

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