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Claudia Sanchez

I'm Claudia Sanchez from Lima Peru, currently working and living in Miami FL. Graduated from Barry University with a major in Broadcast Communication and a Minor in Advertising. Before graduating the school, I was already working for Local Channels  like America Teve Channel 41 in Production and Research for a live entertainment show. I was a segment Producer, creating dynamic and interactive segments for the program. Segments about Cooking, Music, History, Empowerment, Arts, Culture and Pets. 

Almost 8 years has passed, and during this time I had the opportunity to work in Latin, European Networks and Production Companies, such as Telemundo, Freemantle Media and Plural Entertainment. 

Working for Telemundo gave me the chance to work as a Satellite Producer covering live news and remarkable events such as the Billboards, The Oscars,  US and Mexico Presidential Elections, the Pope visit in US, Mexico, Brazil, the Olympics London 2012. 

At Plural Entertainment I worked in the recording studio, in Production and Assisting the Directors. We produced and recorded 4 programs weekly. These programs were broadcasted by vme tv. The Programs were: Cocina Vme, Mi Bebe, Mi Mascota TV, and Pase VIP and Planeta Feroz. 

Now I'm currently working with digital platforms for  Home Box Office the Region of Latin America and the Caribe. This includes all the programming and digital products offer in these Markets. 

Also, I volunteer and collaborate with social Projects and non profits organizations that help to improve the sustainability of the most marginalize populations, and this is done through visuals.