Anna bogomazova

Anna was born  and raised in Russia. All her life she was very active, at the age of 14 her dad brought her to the boxing gym, she instantly falls in love with it. For the next 6 years, she was a member of Kickboxing Russian National Team. In 2011 she became kickboxing World Champion. The same year  she  moved to Miami, Fl and got signed with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) , where she wrestles under the stage name - Anya. While wrestling she falls in love with acting and creative part of show business. In 2013 Anna retires from pro wrestling and focuses on production, writing and acting. She had an opportunity to work with legend basketball player - James Le Bron in McDonald's commercial, where she played herself.  This year Anna played female gladiator in the film "I Die".  Currently, Anna is working on her project, feature - "10 rules of professional wrestling".