A South Florida native, Alex earns a living as a prolific travel photographer and now works on documentary films and directing live music videos. His current projects include the art residency ARTSail and music documentary series Submerged. Alex works to be a creative, careful, open-minded observer and explorer. He wants to document people in their best light. “I am capturing who someone is in a visual format,” he says. “Overall, throughout my work, I’ve gravitated toward artists, dancers, musicians, and collaborating with creatives. I've always been intrigued by people that are different". He has worked with clients such as The Miami New Times, Travelspective, UrbanDaddy, Time Out Miami, The New Tropic, The Local Palate. His clients have included Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Zumba, Artex Productions, The Kula Collective, Porter and Sail, Compass, and The Corcoran Group.