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Filmmaking Bootcamp 2022

Learn the basics of filmmaking from the extremely talented biaggio Mussachia. Biaggio has worked for such brands as G-Shock and Ipanema and collaborated with talents such as Dwayne Wade and Sech. His creative work has garnered attention from festivals such as the Sundance Film Festival.  In this course he will teach you the basics of the filmmaking process. But his class is equally valuable for experienced professionals.


Class 1:
Equipment and Blocking

Biaggio Mussachia gets into the basics of equipmet in filmmaking and blocking actors.

Class 2:

Biaggio goes into a deep breakdown of cinematography through examples pulled from his own work as well as some of cinema's greatest filmmakers


Class 3:
The Craft of the Director and Scene Breakdowns

A continuation of ideas developed in the first class, Biaggio looks at scenes from different films and breaks down the important cinematic elements that makes them unique, as well as the best ways to plan out a complicated shoot.

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