wei OR DIE -

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

It was supposed to be a quiet weekend away from the rest of the world. But when a French business school’s hazing weekend goes too far, it’s up to the police to investigate the death of a young student. But when the testimony doesn’t add up, the authorities quickly realize that this tragedy was no accident. FilmGate Interactive proudly presents Wei Or Die, an interactive feature film. Created by French filmmakers Simon Bouisson and Olivier Demangel, learn how the police incorporated media in their investigation in this bold look into hazing culture.



SIMON BOUISSON IS A FRENCH WRITER-DIRECTOR. Graduated of the Femis, he directed LES COMMUNES DE PARIS, first project of a career dedicated to new medias: JOUR DE VOTE (France televisions), MISSION PRINTEMPS (Arte France), TOUR EN TETE (Radio France), LES CARDINAUX (Les Inrocks), TOKYO REVERSE (France 4), STAINSBEAUPAYS (FTV) or the recent: PRODUCT (ARTE). WEI OR DIE is his first interactive feature movie (FTV nouvelles écritures).


OLIVIER DEMANGEL IS A FRENCH SCRIPTWRITTER. Ancient student of l’Ecole Normale Supérieur of Paris and the Femis (script section), he has a degree in modern letters, Olivier Demangel (33 years old) is a novelist and a scriptwriter. His first novel, 111, has been selected for the Medicis’ award. In the cinema’s section, he is the scriptwriter of La vie en grand from Mathieu Vadepied (selected at the Week of the critics of the Cannes Festival 2015, Award of the Best Script at the Tübingen Festival) and collaborator on the writing of Neuf mois ferme of Albert Dupontel (Cesar of the Best Original Script). Currently, he is developing a lot of projects for the cinema and television.