I came to this Earth by way of Cuban exiles, and I often imagined what life was like only 90 miles away. However, I was raised with the idea that visiting Cuba was simply unacceptable. The reason? Whatever money and energy spent on the island would only benefit the oppressive totalitarian dictatorship. After all, my father spent four years in a Cuban prison for passing out flyers that questioned the status quo... So what motivated me to make this film? Back in 2013, while celebrating my birthday at my parents’ house, my uncle Ricardo shared a very vivid and unfiltered story about his many attempts to escape Cuba during the infamous 1980 Mariel boatlift. Two things became clear at that moment. One, I needed to ask my uncle for his permission to recreate his story on film. And two, the time had come for me to experience Cuba for myself. My dad was among the 125,000 Marielitos that came to this country in 1980, and when I finally found the courage to tell him of my plans, he immediately understood and gave me his blessing. So the stage was set, and the stars aligned. This story needed to be told.