storycode miami brunch

saturday, FEBRUARY 27th, 2016

10:00 aM - 12:00 PM


The forth installation of Story Code Miami will be a very special one. Lead by the founder of Story Code Mike Knowlton, it will include presentations by Billy Wirasnik, Margaux Missika, Gregory Trowbridge and Naseen Alkhateeb. 

At the core of StoryCode is the willingness to make, experiment and participate in growing a broad and expansive discipline, which will spawn new and immersive experiences, stories and technologies. StoryCode chapters convene real life events, designed to educate, inform and connect creators of immersive and interactive stories. 



Billy Wirasnik is an award winning sound designer.  He appreciates patient filmmaking and the vérité approach to sound design. Billy has invited Miami audiences to co-create with him in a real time, immersive, Miami-based SLO media installation, where he will combine natural aural aesthetics and observational film, creating a space in media for reflection, activity and critical thought. 


Margaux Missika and Gregory Trowbridge are interactive producers for DO NOT TRACK and the French studio Upian. Upian is a documentary and interactive production company.  Upian has been a pioneer of the web documentary in France and internationally. 



Naseen Alkhateeb is an award-winning storyteller, who brings the Helheim Experience, created for NASA to FilmGate Interactive 2016. Her films motivate audiences, empower new voices and inspire immersive storytelling.  Nasreen has created original content for TED, the United Nations, AMC, Coachella, Discovery and IFC Films.